World Clean Up Day Indonesia

Aug 20, 2020 | by Irvandias Sanjaya

About World Clean Up Day Indonesia

World Cleanup Day (WCUD) is a clean-up action that is carried out simultaneously around the world on a fixed day every year. With the aim of uniting human beings from various cultures, religions, tribes, and races to clean the world from the problem of waste, and raise awareness of the problem of waste, as well as cultivate the value of love for the future of the earth.

World Cleanup Day Indonesia (WCUD Indonesia) is an Indonesian chapter that ensures Indonesia takes part in the clean-up action along with 180 other countries of the world. WCUD Indonesia has a dream to mobilize #kami13 million volunteers to clean Indonesia and raise awareness of the impact of illegal waste on the environment.

Where is WCUD Indonesia based?

Indonesian WCUDs are spread across 34 provinces in Indonesia. The main office of WCUD Indonesia is located in Jakarta.

Which genre/cause do they work for?

Running since 2018, the WCUD actively helps environmental issues. They have several thematic programs all under the umbrella issue of environmental concerns.

Why does WCUD work on environmental issues?

The waste problem, which has become a global issue, has attracted the attention of civilians and social organizations to take a role in reducing environmental pollution. In responding to this, starting from 2018 and 2019, WCUD Indonesia has managed to collect 30 thousand tons of waste by involving nearly 17 million volunteers in carrying out this good mission. This has also made Indonesia the largest cleanup leader in the world twice in a row.

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What kind of programs does WCUD run?

The main, flagship program of the WCUD which is held annually is the Clean Up and Waste Sorting Action. The event, which will be held simultaneously in 180 countries will be held on September 19, 2020, this year.

Is World Clean Up Day an NGO?

WCUD consists of 8 core organizations including the Mari Berbagi Movement, DFW Indonesia, Indorelawan, Cleanaction, Pepelingasih, the Indonesian Environmental Engineering Student Association, ID Waste-Free and Clean Indonesia. Meanwhile, WCUD was initiated by Let’s Do It & Let’s Do It Indonesia

When was WCUD established?

WCUD was established on 15 September 2018

Can you volunteer with World Clean-Up Day?

It’s possible. At every opportunity for the Clean Up and Waste Sorting Action, WCUD requires two types of volunteers, namely mapping volunteers and clean-up volunteers. Both have different duties. For more information, please check the WCUD Page.

The experience of the Artemis team in participating in volunteer activities with WCUD Indonesia has been tremendous. It is a journey that has an impact on both the environment and ourselves as individuals. How hundreds of people gathered in one location along the river to pick up plastic waste. For individuals as volunteers, we feel it is beneficial to care more about the surrounding environment from the negative effects of using plastic and single-use materials. – Irvandias

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