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Nov 20, 2020 | by Aliyyaa

Nov 20, 2020 | by

Women Beyond Indonesia (WBI) is a non-profit organization that aims to empower women to become leaders in their respective fields.

WBI is full of passion and enthusiasm in achieving the impact of women’s leadership. WBI has 4 objectives; 

  • Supporting the birth of female leaders in the future
  • Becoming a support system for women in leading themselves and others to create a real impact in society
  • Connecting young female leaders
  • Adding awareness of the value of women in leadership

1. What Genre do they focus on?

WBI focuses on women empowerment with a specific focus on leadership. Their main goal is to empower women to achieve high leadership qualities.

2. Why do they focus on Women Empowerment?

Women are still underrepresented in leadership positions overall in the world and especially more in Indonesia. Women Beyond Indonesia is here to break stereotypes around women that prevent them from taking leadership roles.

Leadership is very important and women as leaders provide a diversity of perspectives & approach much needed in leadership roles. Women should have equal opportunities to take on the role of being a leader in any organization. Through the WBI platform, they hope to encourage more women to become leaders

Read more about Women Empowerment here. 

3. What kind of programs do they run?

Women Beyond Indonesia has three main programs which are carried out regularly: 

  • Networking activities
  • Workshops (like WeOn Summit)
  • Mentoring.

4. Is Women Beyond Indonesia an NGO?

Women Beyond Indonesia is not officially registered as an NGO, they are a community-based movement.

5. When was Women Beyond Indonesia officially established?

In 2020, Women Beyond Indonesia was officially established as an ‘informal’ non-profit organization.

6. Can you volunteer with them?

Women Beyond Indonesia opens a wide range of possible opportunities for young women in Indonesia to get actively involved.

Woman Beyond Indonesia

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