5 Reasons to Connect Your NGO Projects to SDG

Jan 27, 2021 | by Yosy Christy Natalia

Why Your NGO Should Connect Projects With SDG?

As an NGO, you probably deal with a ton of projects. However, it is not always possible to show the contribution of these projects at a macro level. Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs can help you show the contribution at a global level and also allows your NGO to work in a sustainable fashion. 

In the following article, we will have a deeper look at SDGs and why you should consider connecting your business with some of these goals. Instead of dealing with the frustration of short-term success, you can build your goals to follow up on one another. This will allow it to have a better effect in the long run on all aspects of society.

5 Reasons To Connect NGO Projects With SDGs

Sustainable Development Goals were set up by the UN in continuation of the millennium development goals for all countries to work together to eradicate poverty, promote prosperity and equality, and ensure environmental sustainability. 

Sustainability Of Impact

Instead of focusing on making a short-term impact, the impact will be much better and more successful when you focus on the long run. Connecting with SDGs allows you to see the bigger picture and devise your interventions in a more sustainable fashion. 

Gain more support

SDGs are known and broadly understood by most of the players in the impact sector. Connecting your goals & projects to SDGs encourage more understanding of your projects and allows you to speak in a more universal language to the donors, government and other stakeholders, thus helping you garner more support for your projects. In addition, most governments have their own targets to meet in order to meet the SDG targets and are looking for more partners to help them achieve those. 

connect ngos and donors

See your contribution at a macro level

One of the most important reasons to connect your project with SDGs is so you can see the contribution you are making at a macro level. Even if it’s a small fraction, the sub-goals and indicators of SDGs allow you to see how your organization is helping the world, governments, people & the planet. 

Take advantage of the knowledge base

Since the launch of the SDGs, UN has shared a lot of data, & indicators & metrics of success among other things. This offers a unique platform to organizations to get accurate & credible data about the needs of the people & planet, measurement data, learning material about indicators, etc. 

Work in synchronization with the rest of the world

The social sector sometimes works in isolation, which can be frustrating. SDGs followed by all UN partners allow you to work together with other players in the social sector, other industries for a common good. This can be highly beneficial as it allows us to collaborate, complement each other’s efforts and share the responsibility. 


SDG is a universal concept, but many people neglect to connect some of their projects with their NGOs. The above-mentioned reasons should allow you to understand why it is an important thing to consider. Keep in mind that it does not take too much effort and it will only be a few minor changes to connect your NGO to SDG. Artemis Impact App allows you to connect your impact measurement data and reports to SDGs as well, check here for more information.

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