What Do CSR Consultants Do?

Jan 21, 2022 | by Yosy Christy Natalia

Find out everything you need to know before choosing the best CSR Consultants for your company

The exact services depend on different consulting firms/individuals, however, most CSR consultants will help you to first diagnose & understand your current goals, aspirations & blockers. Then accordingly, they will help you form a CSR strategy to reach your CSR/Sustainability goals that also align with your overall business goals, a measurement or monitoring and evaluation plan to report the performance metrics of your CSR programs to your stakeholders & also communicate the overall impact. 

Why do you need CSR Consultants?

The pressure on companies to decrease negative impact & increase positive impact is at an all-time high, hiring an external consultant, can help companies to: 
  • Develop a thorough strategy
  • Understand their aspirations & blockers
  • Align their teams across departments & managerial levels
  • Innovate and learn from industry experts
  • Choose the right measurement framework
  • Develop measurement & management strategy
Resulting in: 
  • Increase Corporate Reputation 
  • Transparency & Accountability 
  • Communication strategy 

How to choose the Right CSR Consultants?

As the pressure on the companies is increasing, there is also a huge increase in the supply of CSR consultants and advisors, which makes it imperative to choose the right one.

Track Record

This is not just about the number of years they have worked, but also a factor of their experience in the area of social impact. Experience working with NGOs, donors, or generally in the philanthropic sector is a plus. 


Governmental regulations are pushing forward ESG and SDG frameworks to bring forth standardization in measurement & reporting. While there are many ESG frameworks you can use; GRI, SROI & SASB remain some of the most widely used and applicable. They provide professional certification & you can choose from their certified consultants.


Understanding their approach towards social impact creation, measurement & making sure it aligns with your and your company’s overall vision is another crucial criterion before selecting your CSR consultant & advisor

Local Understanding

While sometimes you can get the best consultants in the other end of the world, they might not have the best understanding of your geographical location, cultural nuances. So choosing someone local or regional can help you create a CSR strategy that will actually meet on the ground needs for impact

What is Artemis Impact?

We specialize in empowering companies to build a stronger corporate reputation by enabling human-centric Social Impact Stories that are rooted in analytics, transparency, and authenticity.

Artemis leading Southeast Asia’s impact creation, tackling pressing challenges

We know today’s average customer cares about sustainability and we enable our clients with real-time, bottom-up, evidence-based analytics that allow them to Tell the Right, human-focused stories about their brands and build long-term trust consistently with consumers.

We use a combination of consultancy services & technology to deliver our solution to our clients.

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Artemis Impact is a network of corporate, donors &  non-profits. With our corporate enterprise solution, we aim to empower companies to build human-centered impact stories and create sustainable impact with their CSR programs & core business.

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