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About WeCare.id 

WeCare.id is an Indonesian based medical crowdfunding platform that enables underserved patients to secure funding for primary and verified medical procedures. WeCare.id aimed at patients with financial limitations, those who live in hard-to-reach areas, or are not active BPJS recipients.

Where is WeCare.id based?

WeCare.id is based in Jakarta, Indonesia and has programs across Indonesia.

Which genre/cause does WeCare.id work for?

WeCare.id focusses on health & wellbeing related issues, specifically on physical health.

Why is WeCare.id working for this cause?

WeCare.id is trying to fill the gap prevalent in health-care access among The Indonesian population, especially economically underprivileged people. In order to do that, they use public donations to open access to quality healthcare to people with minimum resources. To know more about the genre of health & wellbeing & other organizations working towards it, check here.

Which SDG is WeCare.id working towards?

WeCare.id seems to be working towards SDG number 3 (Good Health & Well-Being)*. Sustainable development goal no. 3 aims to “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.”

Is WeCare.id an NGO? 

No, WeCare.id is a Social Enterprise. Usually, social enterprises are organizations that take a social issue and use a business approach to solve it. In case of WeCare.id, they are trying to solve the social issue of lack of access to health care among underprivileged sectors of society by building a digital crowdfunding platform.

WeCare.id is a place that makes me comfortable for distribution of donations because of the allocation of transparent donations and there are reports on the development of patient donations. This testimonial was taken from WeCare.id website.


When was WeCare.id established?

The medium which was founded on October 15, 2015

Who founded WeCare.id?

WeCare.id was founded by Gigih Rezki Septianto (CEO) & Dr. Mesty Ariotedjo (Medical Operations). Both Gigih & Mesty are passion-driven people who have been working in the social sector for many years. Gigih has previously founded PhiRUNtrophy & CharityLights, & Mesty has medical background, he graduated from the faculty of medicine, Universitas Indonesia

What kind of activities does WeCare.id do? 

The key activity of WeCare.id is the crowdfunding platform to fundraise for medical treatment of patients. You can choose to either support patients or submit requests to raise funds for yourself or someone else.

Does WeCare.id require volunteers? 

WeCare.id does not work with regular volunteers, but uses volunteers on adhoc basis for specific program. In the past, they had a program called, “Relawan WeCare.id”, where they worked with volunteers.

How can I contribute to WeCare.id?

People can contribute to WeCare.id by donating** money to the campaign of their liking.  If you are confused about choosing an appropriate campaign, you can choose a general donation for the campaign #ForAll. Also, if you have a patient acquaintance that matches the criteria previously listed on the WeCare.id page, you can also provide recommendations for later proceeding by the WeCare.id team for the next process.

How can I apply to volunteer with WeCare.id?

If you would like to volunteer with them, you could check their website, contact them via email support@wecare.id or follow them on social media to keep in touch with their latest initiatives and programs.

What is the impact being created by WeCare.id? –

WeCare.id has collected 2 billion funds by crowdfunding and has assisted more than 100 assisted patients in the period from 2015 to 2020. WeCare.id also provides complete transparency to donors, prospective donors, or the general public – access data about money donated through WeCare.id as the medium.

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