Top 5 Inspiring People in Indonesia

Apr 17, 2020 | by Aliyyaa

Top 5 Inspiring People In Indonesia You Should Follow

I think we all agree that one of the apps we can’t get enough of is Instagram! Sometimes, finding someone that is inspiring and insightful to follow is quite a challenge. So, if you need some fresh faces to give you a push then check out these 5 inspiring influencers in Indonesia you should follow:



Astri Puji Lestari or mostly known as Atiit is an architect who loves to cook and travel. On her blog and Instagram page, she often shares her way of living a more sustainable lifestyle. Atiit started to have an interest in environmental issues since she was in high school. At first, she volunteered for Green Peace, after getting married and moving to Jakarta, she started to implement all her interest in the environmental issues in her day-to-day lifestyle.

2. DK Wardhani


Dini Kusuma Wardhani or also known as DK Wardhani is a housewife who has a great concern about the environment. She has been very active in sharing about eco-friendly and zero waste lifestyles on her social media. Besides, Mbak Dini, has also published various books, recently she released a book about Zero Waste called “Belajar Zero Waste”

3. Hanna Al Rashid

Hannah Al Rasyid Indonesian Influencers You Should Follow


You might know Hannah from the movie she’s worked in. But she is more than an actor, Hannah is also an activist promoting women’s rights. The UN has also hired Hannah as a representative of the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) in the field of gender equality in Indonesia, which actively voices women’s rights.

4. Gita Savitri

gita savitri gitasav indonesian influencers to follow


Gita Savitri Devi, often known as Gitasav is an author of “Rentang Kisah” a book published in 2017. She is also a youtube creator. After a hiatus for some time, Gitasav is back active on her youtube channel. Gitasav often discusses social issues that are happening in the community!

5. Maudy Ayunda


You might already be familiar with her, Maudy Ayunda is an Indonesian Actress. Apart from her acting career, Maudy also really takes her education very seriously. She said that education is really close to her heart. This talented actress said that there is still plenty of room to develop in the field of education in Indonesia. Therefore she’s inspiring most people by created her own scholarship program for young girls out there to get a better education.

We hope our list inspires you to make your Instagram feed a whole lot more insightful! Share with us your list in the comment section! To read more blog post from us visit: https://artemis.im/blog-news/


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