3 Ways Philanthropy Tech Will Change In 2022

Mar 28, 2022 | by Yosy Christy Natalia

Exploring ways in which philanthropy tech is set to change in 2022

Philanthropy tech Needless to say, tech is the future. Technology and associated innovations will pave the way for the future with more and more businesses directing their vision to accommodate a more tech-driven agenda. Technology is now the buzzword in domains that were not traditionally associated with it, such as beauty, education, and even philanthropy.  

Non-profits and sustainability organizations use and are dependent on technology for greater reach and impact. With rapid digitalization, this dependency is set to increase like before, especially when the pandemic heightened the need to shift businesses online. In this blog, we will explore ways in which philanthropy tech is set to change in 2022 and trends to watch out for. 

AI and machine learning

Yes, we’re serious. Both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are in vogue for quite some time now and their invasion into the world of sustainability and philanthropy is no surprise. AI will prove increasingly useful in letting non-profits use, study, and efficiently integrate data to arrive at robust insights into their effort and plan of action. Consider chat boxes, interactive online surveys as apt examples. Big data is now touted as the next big thing. NGOs and CSR/Sustainability teams are certainly not going to keep away from its applications as well.   

Connecting people: Mobile

There was a time when Nokia used the punchline ‘connecting people’, suggesting how smartphones solved the quintessential problem of distance between people. Technology has changed manifolds and in today’s date video-conferencing has brought people closer like never before. The global philanthropy sector is set to see a heightened use of online mediums, such as video-conferencing, social media for volunteering programs, connecting like-minded people, et cetera. More and more sustainability businesses are going the mobile way, increasingly focussing on mobile applications for greater reach and impact.

Blockchain and crypto   

Many more players are set to emerge to help nonprofits receive and provide funds in cryptocurrencies and blockchain-tracked entities in a simpler, smoother, and hassle-free manner. The world of crypto and blockchain is slowly being regulated and streamlined by economies across the globe which is likely to promote technology, innovation around it and see it permeate the sustainability and philanthropy sector as well.  

A 2020 Forbes article on technology in philanthropy described blockchain technology as a “tangible opportunity” that can “overcome real barriers to progress and innovation”. It can do so much, “whether it’s donors receiving gifts in crypto, tracking malaria drugs with a blockchain marker or adopting a cryptocurrency system for refugees in unbanked nations…,” the article read. 

Technology is the fuel that will keep the engines of all kinds of businesses up and running, while also adding more muscle to their operations and prospects – a fact that the world of sustainability, philanthropy, and impact leaders must not ignore.

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