Stella, GE Volunteers Chairwoman Discusses Benefits Of Employee Volunteering

Sep 9, 2020 | by Phoebe C

Like our previous episodes, this time BEing The Impact Podcast also had a special guest who shared her interesting and inspiring experiences. The guest this time is an important stakeholder from the world of volunteering, namely Stella Eugenia Atmadja, GE Regional Corporate Governance Council and also a Volunteer Chairwoman at General Electric Indonesia.

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Here are some takeaways points from our discussion with Stella about volunteering:

    • GE Volunteer has been active since 1940, the same year of GE Indonesia is established
    • All GE Employee are also called as GE Volunteers because everyone on GE is required to do volunteering
  • Stella found that employees who are actively volunteering also do better at work and even cross business
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  • All the volunteering activities in GE has to fullfil 3 things : the first is the activities has to be good for the community, directly benefits people who needed the most, to improve the quality of life in the community
  • Second, it has to be good for the volunteers, like building skill, putting things into preceptive and networking
  • The third is the volunteering activities also has to be good for GE
  • GE Volunteer Indonesia has 4 main pillars 
  • The first education, which focus on public school system and community, the activities include teaching or building facilities 
  • The second pillar is health care, where volunteers offer free check up for underprivileged people
  • The third is environment, some of the activities are public space clean up, beautification and reforestation 
  • The fourth is community building
  • One tips from Stella to get your employee to volunteers is to invite their leaders to join the activities
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