Why Artemis Impact Management Platform?


Your Needs Come First


Saves You Time & Resources


Lets You Involve Your Entire team

Easy Access for All

Whether your team is corporate, NGO, social enterprise or any size/shape in between, once downloaded every team member will be able to conveniently access and share all vital, real-time data.

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How Does It Work?

01Access the app

Access our web app, and your features are at your fingertips. Takes less than two minutes to create an account. 

02Create projects

Create your project’s specifics with details that will easily explain your program’s goals & objectives to stakeholders. Enjoy complete flexibility!

03Create Surveys

Design surveys to collect data for all stages of Impact Measurement – baseline, input-level, output-level & outcome-level. Share them with your data-collection team via our mobile app or a simple link. 

04Dig In

Begin real work, implement your project goals, collect necessary data, view aggregated data & reports on the app, and create change!

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How Can You Use This?


Donors: Any organization you are funding can simply access our app on the web/mobile & start their journey of affecting measurable impact. Or get in touch with us to know how we can help you take your impact a step further with our advisory & outcome-based funding services.


Any size or activity, the Artemis Impact app is available for you to start your journey on effective impact measurement, and join the league of data-driven organizations. 

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