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Turning CSR/sustainability projects’s data into fact-based stories for PR teams

1PR Teams

Increasing skepticism around corporate motivations & practices makes it imperative to share evidence-based & authentic stories from their CSR/sustainability projects to maintain and build a positive corporate reputation to all stakeholders; employees, customers, local communities, governments & other authorities.

2CSR teams

Between running various projects; choosing the right impact framework, aligning all stakeholders & measuring the impact created & creating meaningful stories can be cumbersome, require a lot of resources, and specific knowledge & experience of impact measurement.

How does it work?

Artemis combines impact expertise and technology to empower companies to share stronger stories—that are developed from evidence-based impact analytics which are rooted in purpose —consistently with all their stakeholders. Allowing them to avoid skepticism, avoid claims of SDG washing and build corporate reputation.

01Diagnostic & Interviews

We conduct a series of in-depth interviews & questionnaires with your stakeholders to determine your ‘Impact maturity Index’ based on our five core drivers. This also helps us assess your impact aspirations, & core strengths and blockers to achieve them. Our diagnostic tool was developed after three years of research with leading CSR players.

02Custom Training & Consultancy Services

Once the Diagnostic is completed, Artemis impact experts help choose the right framework, develop custom training sessions and consult your team according to your needs. The aim is to equip your team with essential skills & knowledge to maximize your impact, mitigate risk & reach the highest level of impact maturity.

03Execution & Impact Measurement

Our solution includes an all-in-one cloud-based system to automate & streamline your CSR projects by bringing all tasks and reporting into one easy-to-use system. The Artemis Impact Platform allows you to visualize your impact strategy, measure & visualize the impact created. The impact data can help you stay agile in your decision-making & can be used for both internal and external communications.

04On-going Consultation

We work with your teams to ensure accurate implementation of the impact theories & strategies, timely collection of on-the-ground data using the Artemis Impact Platforms, & analyze the data to draw relevant insights.

Artemis Proprietary tools

01Artemis Impact Maturity Index

The Artemis Impact Maturity Index is a framework developed by Artemis Impact Experts that helps your organization to understand how well you are creating and measuring the impact of all of your CSR initiatives. The framework along with helping you understand your current position also helps you envision your short-term and long-term impact aspirations & objectives

02Artemis Diagnostic tools

We use our top-down diagnostic tool to determine your baseline impact maturity level. The tool is based on the five core drivers—Impact Aspiration Positioning, Stakeholder Alignment, Impact Competence, Organizational Alignment with Impact Aspirations & Business Portfolio Alignment with Impact Aspirations— & established after three years of research with experts across sectors, including CSR leaders.

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