Simple Act To Appreciate Your Volunteer

Apr 6, 2020 | by Aliyyaa

Some organizations and communities around the world have shifted their activities online due to the coronavirus outbreaks. Volunteering online allows them to contribute their time to a cause space that matters, which means they can make a difference even if they don’t go physically volunteer somewhere, it’s ideal if your volunteer has specialized hard skills that they’d like to utilize. During this difficult time is very important for communities and NGOs to show their appreciation to their volunteers.

Here are 5 simple ways you can do to appreciate your volunteers :

1. Ask what they need help with

Perhaps there are some little things you can do to help your volunteer. That simple act can help them out a lot, so don’t ever hesitate to ask!

2. Feature your volunteer story on website or social media

Create one sections that outline volunteer’s position, role and experience from their time volunteering in your organization. This will raise the awareness of all the brilliant voluntary work that have been done and hopefully could also inspire some readers to volunteer.

3. Thank your volunteers personally

Thank them for their dedication and hard work. During this time, you can thank them either through text messages, phone calls, or video calls. These are some free of the platforms you could use to connect with your volunteers https://duo.google.com, https://hangouts.google.com, and https://zoom.us

4. Asking about the volunteer’s interest in their “outside” life

Try asking about their life outside volunteering, like their hobby, interest, their family and so on. Apart from that, during this time you can also check on their health, to know if they are doing okay. It can create a strong bond between you and your volunteers and they can also feel more appreciated if you are genuinely caring.

The purpose of day-to-day appreciation is to express a continuous feeling of gratitude and belonging to the volunteer. This meaning can be best expressed through the thousands of tiny experiences that make up everyday life than can be communicated through a simple act of kindness. Write down in the comment below what other acts of kindness we can do to appreciate our volunteers. To read more about volunteers click here https://artemis.im/blog-news/



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