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SEANGLE innovation lab is working to fight the issue of marine debris based on the principle of a social innovation lab. They work using an iterative approach to solve the issues of ocean waste management and work along with people to reduce ocean waste and properly manage ocean waste. They do so by experimenting with different ideas & raising awareness in communities regarding ocean waste management. Their main motto is  “learning by doing ànd failing fast, evaluate and recover”. They were awarded Best Action Plan in the IYMDS (Indonesia Youth Marine Debris Summit) 2017 initiated by Divers Clean Action. Their goal is to increase awareness regarding plastic consumption & responsible waste management with consideration to environmental, economic, and social aspects.


Where is SEANGLE based? 

Started in Sulawesi, Palu, now they cover 5 areas -Semarang, Pontianak, Gorontalo, Palu, and Purwokerto.


Which genre/cause do they work for? 

SEANGLE focuses on environmental issues. Their main focal point is the issue of sea-waste management and preventing plastic waste from landing inside our oceans & reducing marine debris.


Why are they working for Life Below Water? 

Indonesia, as the archipelago island with more than 17.000 islands, 6 million square km of sea, and more than 91.000km coastline ranks number 2 only behind China in plastic waste production. And Indonesia accounts for 16% of the world’s total marine debris. Plastic waste in the ocean has huge negative effects on marine life. The negative effects are not just limited to marine life but also to human life & the human food chain.


Listen to the podcast about the Jakarta plastic ban here. 


Which SDG does SEANGLE work for? 

SEANGLE is working towards SDG number 14 – Life Below Water by providing resources for ocean waste management systems & programs. The SDG goal number 14 aims to protect life below water & marine and ecological ecosystem in the oceans from pollution by the year 2030. Read more about this goal here. 


What kind of programs do they run?

They have various programs like Up-Cycling, Rupiah, Sea-school, Paper School, and Lab Bersama. Check them out here. 



SEANGLE is a social community and not registered as an NGO. Listen to the podcast with Robby, co-founder of SEANGLE on Being the Impact podcast to find out more about SEANGLE


When was it established? 

SEANGLE was founded in 2017 and since then has spread to 5 areas in Indonesia. 


What kind of activities do they do? 

SEANGLE has several programs, which are all community-based initiative, SEANGLE works closely with volunteers to provide innovative solutions through the prototyping-based approach. In parallel, SEANGLE is not a single entity, but more into implementing their existence as an “Idea Generator” to produce validated solutions by each of their members.


Can you volunteer with SEANGLE?

Yes, SEANGLE invites volunteers to assist in various activities for their programs and different chapters. You can check their website to keep yourself updated with any open opportunities or contact them via email to know more.    For those who are living in the 5 mentioned areas, you can approach the local committee to join as long SEANGLE opens for new member recruitment. Details of any volunteering system can be accessed on (https://www.seangle.org)

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