Riding the storm: Open Letter from the CEO of Artemis

Apr 14, 2020 | by user

Dear friends,

The world is going through uncertain times, and today, more than ever, we as an organization/organizational leaders, no matter which sector, have an important role in containing the spread & potentially change the trajectory that this pandemic might take.

Firstly, while there are valid economical concerns, it is important for leaders to remember that primarily, it is a humanitarian crisis. And the course of actions should be in that order.

As more people are being impacted, we would would like to announce Artemis’ support to all our partners to the best of our capacity. And also announce that we as a team are doing everything possible to take care of our employees and partners.

  • All our team members are currently working from home and using digital methods like video calls to handle all communications even with our partners.
  • Artemis’ recently partnered with SIAP to hold a 4 weeks incubation period for social enterprises, and we are supporting SIAP’s management decision to stop any further events until April 2nd week.
  • We are also trying our best to provide all required & factual information via different social media to the general public
  • We are continuously encouraging our teams to trust and spread only reliable information coming from credible resources like WHO, CDC, or the governments.

The current time requires leaders to take many tough decisions, and the unpredictability and novelty of the situation is making it difficult for leaders to respond. What’s needed at times like this is arming ourselves with the correct information, pausing to assess the situation, anticipate what might happen and then act.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we might not have all the answers at this stage, but we would try our best to find the most reliable information to answer your questions/concerns.


Raoul Oberman

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