Nonprofit Partnerships: Bring Positive Changes

Nov 2, 2020 | by Aliyyaa

How Nonprofit Partnerships Can Help Affect Change?

Change is something we all want and many of us strive towards, but while a change in yourself is easy, global change is one of the hardest things to do. Many philanthropists have set out to change the world, but without help from governments and nonprofit partnerships, it can often feel like walking into a brick wall if you have a lot of resistance.

While change is something we want, it is also something that many people fear. Change is scary, but many people will need to endure some scary times before creating the change they need or aim to accomplish. In the following article, we will look at how an inter-sector partnership between non-profits, social enterprises, corporate, charity organizations, and the public sector can help affect change around the world.

If you want to change the world you will need to start with yourself. However, it is hard to affect change once you have made internal changes. Having friends makes it much easier to accomplish your goals and have the support to change. Nonprofit Partnerships can make it much easier to affect change in the following ways:

  • More People Focused On The Same Goal

If you set out to affect change on your own as either a non-profit or a social enterprise, you will ultimately be on your own. Once you have reached a certain point, you might notice that more people jump on board. However, a single person can take many years to affect change before it is noticed, and at first, it might even be criticized until something is effectively happening.

Banding together to change something offers you the ability to have more support. Aside from the financial support that will make it easier, the marketing reach is much bigger. If you as an individual can band together with the government or corporates or other charity organizations to achieve something, you have the opportunity to have the whole country feast its eyes on your goal.

  • Understanding Nonprofit Sector Challenges

If you set out on your own, you will not understand why many other sectors are willing to buy into your goal. However, you can collaborate with sectors in some way or another by communicating with them. The truth is that every sector has its own challenges and you will need to understand these challenges before tailoring your approach.

The private sector and public sectors are often limited by the number of funds they have available, while also have other projects that could cost them millions. However, the private sector will be open to something that could bring help them make their business more sustainable. On the other hand, the public sector is always looking for a way to make them stand out and work towards the betterment of society.

  • Diverse Approaches Become Available

Once sectors band together to implement change, there are always a few meetings scheduled ahead of time. These meetings will help each party see the task at hand from the other person’s perspective. Due to these meetings, each sector can voice their opinions, which gives you multiple different approaches.

The benefit of having numerous approaches is that you will have another one to fall back on once one of them fails. There can be philanthropy principles in many diverse countries that do not match things like religion and cultural beliefs. However, the inter-sector partnership will allow you to see this ahead of time and adjust the approach, which gives your endeavors a bigger chance of success. 

  • The Financial Dilemma Is Sorted

It is no secret that trying to change the world can cost you a fortune. However, the right backers can make it easier to affect this change. In many countries around the world, money can buy you almost anything, including the goodwill of many people in the country. Having the goodwill of people will make achieving your goals easier.

Since finding funding for projects can be a tedious process, nonprofit partnerships, especially with the public sector can increase your financial situation significantly, the public sector relies on the government for funding, which means that you will effectively have the government on your side to enforce change. Similarly partnering with corporations that have the fund with their CSR programs can help you take your cause a notch higher. This is very similar to Global Warming Activists approaching their governments to help affect change.

  • Less Resistance From Different Factions

In any country around the world, you find the far right and the far left. Many of these factions make a habit out of resisting change or fighting anything that is done to improve the situation. Having an inter-sector partnership could allow you to have some of these groups onboard. In an ideal world, the right and left could come together and work for one common goal.

It is worth noting that this is one of the hardest things you can aim to do, but once it has been accomplished, you will find that affecting change in the area will be much easier. You will also win over the goodwill of many people or countries when it comes to doing this. However, it does not last long and should be carefully controlled to avoid internal sabotage.


The world needs more people willing to affect change and create a better environment to live in. It might not be easy to affect change, but with the help of inter-sector partnerships, it should be much easier to do it. If there are any more reasons you think nonprofit partnerships should be considered to affect change, let us know in the comment section.

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