Peduli Pangan: Successful Completion of the Second Kitchen

May 28, 2020 | by Phoebe C

As the world is still trying to cope with the Covid19 pandemic, its repercussions are becoming more evident. In a cabinet meeting, President Jokowi talked about food shortage of necessities like garlic, beef, sugar, chili, raw eggs, and staple food rice. International restrictions have also limited Indonesia’s option to import food from other countries. The nature of this crisis is such that the whole world is going through it together, making it vital for countries like Indonesia to look inward and look for solutions to become self-sustainable.

While the government is taking steps to ensure, Indonesia as a country can maintain the proper food supply. The issue of food insecurity also needs more support from the private sector and individuals, to assist or complement the efforts put in by the government.


Dealing with Food Shortage with Peduli Pangan: Week 4 Update


Peduli Pangan has reached its 4th week since we started the first kitchen in Jakarta. And we have successfully completed the two Dapur Pedulis (Soup Kitchen) in the meantime (Read about the first kitchen here). The second kitchen, which ran during the month of Ramada, distributed food to people for breakfast. The kitchen was operated by the NGO LMND and the food was distributed in the areas of West Tebet, Manggarai, Mampang, Pancoran, Kalibata, Matraman, Menteng, Orphanages in West Tebet, Kampung Melayu station, Dormitory of university students from East Halmahera, in Matraman.

With Peduli Pangan we are trying to come up with a systemic solution to the problem of food shortage/insecurity and not just treat the symptoms. It’s a program, which is trying to solve the problem of supply-chain breakage of food in Indonesia caused by the pandemic. In addition, Peduli Pangan is also trying to make sure that people who have lost their sources of income due to the pandemic can get sustencance. If you would like to read more about the program, click here. 

Output Reporting From Peduli Pangan Kitchens, so far




Meals Distributed


Volunteer Hours*

What’s Next For Peduli Pangan?

As we are entering the month of June in a few days, Peduli Pangan is expecting to see an increase in activity with the opening of a new kitchen in North Jakarta (Date TBC) & new partners coming in. In the second week of June, we are also expecting our warehouses to open and to start receiving food crops from farmers in Java. These food crops will be used to supply to Warung/Warteg in Jakarta and also supply the food ingredients for the Dapur Pedulis.

There are many ways in which you can support the Peduli Pangan movement as an organization or an individual. If you are interested in supporting the movement, feel free to contact us at contact@artemis.im.

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