Peduli Pangan: Increased 40% of local farmers’ sales during COVID-19

Oct 14, 2020 | by Yosy Christy Natalia

How Peduli Pangan project helped increase up to 40% average of local farmers’ sales during COVID-19

The impact that covid-19 has had on the world is no news to anyone. A section of society—it was especially hard on—remained the underprivileged people, who did not just have to deal with the fear of the impact on their health and lives, but also the loss of their livelihoods. Let’s see how the Peduli Pangan project tackled this.

Impact of pandemics on inequality
Impact of pandemics on inequality (Source: VoxEU)
Covid-19 worsen hunger in developing countries (Source: The World Economic Forum)
Covid-19 worsen hunger in developing countries (Source: The World Economic Forum)

In Indonesia, food insecurity was one of the key issues that stemmed from Covid-19. As the country was put in a partial lockdown, many urban daily wagers lost their employment. On the other hand, farmers across Java lost their buyers due to the temporary closing down of restaurants and supermarkets. This created a dual problem; food insecurity for urban poor and loss of income for the farmers.

Average Labourer’s  Salary (Source: BPS, 2020)
Average Labourer’s Salary (Source: BPS, 2020)
GDP by Expenditure  Food and Beverages, Other than Restaurant–Constant 2010 IDR Billion
GDP by Expenditure Food and Beverages, Other than Restaurant–Constant 2010 IDR Billion (Source: BPS, 2020)

To tackle this problem, a group of social enterprises and non-profits formed an ad-hoc association called ‘Peduli Pangan Desa Kota’. Peduli Pangan program aims to tackle the disruption caused in the food supply & demand chain due to the Covid-19 pandemic by

  1. Sourcing basic food products from local farmers who have lost buyers due to the closing of markets
  2. Supplying food to underprivileged/informal workers community to ensure food availability for people who have lost their sources of income

The vision: 

  1. Farmers are able to sell more of their products at normal prices
  2. People in impoverished communities are able to increase total food portion intake per day to meet their standard before being hit by Covid-19

Measured by these following indicators:

  1. Average (%) increase in sales for each farmer since lockdown
  2. % of stakeholders that could raise daily food intake to at least pre-COVID standards
  3. Number of portions distributed
  4. Number of kitchen runs in Jakarta
  5. Number of farmers who were able to sell their product at normal prices

Dealing with Food Shortage with Peduli Pangan: 

How did Peduli Pangan help the farmers? 

The Peduli Pangan project has helped in increasing up to 40% average in sales for each farmer since lockdown. That involves 44 farmers who eventually are able to sell their products at normal prices.

How did Peduli Pangan help the urban poor in Jakarta?

On increasing food portion intake per day, Peduli Pangan has helped 99.8% of stakeholders to be able in raising daily food intake to at least pre-COVID standards. This was achieved with the number of 131,700 portions that were distributed and 27 kitchens that ran in Jakarta, in which 328 local residents were involved as kitchen staff.


peduli pangan testimonials
Bu Ati, Peduli Pangan Food Distribution Receiver

It is really good. (we) can share with the neighbours and the others, if possible I hope it can happen not only in Kongsi, but also in another area like West Jakarta or outside Jakarta. This is very helpful for me, I had to spend a lot of ingredients before but now it helps me to save some. – Bu Ati, Peduli Pangan Food Distribution Receiver from Marunda Kongsi area.


Zulfadli, Local People and Volunteer

Alhamdulillah, the society is really enthusiastic about the program, they are very grateful for it and wish this program can happen again, more often. The impact is very positive because we as volunteers can also meet the society directly, can know the psychological condition during this COVID; and also one of them (the society) said that the food distribution had helped them a lot.  -Zulfadli, Local People and Volunteer (Kalibaru Area)

Bu Ina, Kitchen Head in Kalibaru Area

For me it is very helpful especially for those who are affected by COVID-19, at least it lessens the burden of kitchen costs (of their household). Very positive for the society as well as we who are involved in the kitchen. The changes are very positive; it helps to reduce the daily costs. Before they need to spend on food, now they get help from Peduli Pangan. It really reduces the burden. I hope it will not stop here.  -Bu Ina, Kitchen Head in Kalibaru Area

Key learnings

1. Partnering With Ibu-Ibu Kader & Pasukan Oranye

For our third kitchen, with the help of Rachel House, we got the opportunity to work with a team of Ibu-Ibu Kader & Pasukan Oranye. These strong women did not just perfectly handle the Dapur Peduli (Soup Kitchen) but also gave us so many interesting & useful insights into their community, the people living there. We commend the hard work, dedication & integrity shown by this team of Ibu-Ibu Kader. And they were supported by the team of Pasukan Oranye to distribute the food to our stakeholders.

2. Moving Towards Stronger Health Protocols

Peduli Pangan also partnered with a team from Royal Progress Hospital to strengthen our health protocol even further. They conducted an evaluation of our kitchen on the 3rd day & provided some really useful insights. Going forward, we will be conducting regular health training for our volunteers in collaboration with the team from Royal Progress hospitals. RP hospital will also be helping us in strengthening our Health SOP.

3. Lessening plastic use

We are also pleased to inform you that the Peduli Pangan movement reduced its plastic usage considerably with our 3rd kitchen, using fabric-made tote bags instead of plastic bags to pack & distribute food. In the end, using 1000 fewer plastic bags.

There are many ways in which you can support the Peduli Pangan movement as an organization or an individual. If you are interested in supporting the movement, feel free to contact us at contact@artemis.im.

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