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Benefits Of Monitoring & Evaluation Tools For Your Projects

Monitoring and evaluation is an essential part of any project that you run as an organization. Being up to date with the progress and adapting your strategies accordingly could make life that much easier to achieve your mission. However, M&E software & tools are often needed to help you perform these processes.

While you can follow the old-school approach of manually looking at the progress, some of the top programmers and entrepreneurs have made a few tools available that will simplify the process. In the following article, we will have a brief look at the benefits of these tools and see how they can help you improve your monitoring and evaluation processes.

One of the biggest challenges is getting to grips with all the data. As soon as you launch your M&E project, you will find that the data can often be overwhelming. Instead of having experts assist you in the process, you can now have these tools to work for you as an expert would. It could be more affordable and provide accurate data on time. Here are a few of the benefits of using M&E tools:

  • Time-Saving

One of the biggest benefits of tools is that they will save you time. If you have ever combed through a couple of questionnaires, you will notice how time-consuming it can be. The right software will work automatically using algorithms that could work out some of the data for you, allowing you to redirect your time to other ventures.

  • Consistency

When we use the human element, we might run into many errors. Unfortunately, humans are not perfect and this translates to work as well. Tools and software tend to eliminate some of these human errors, which could lead to better consistency. A consistent form of information can help you make much better decisions.

  • Real-Time Access

Nowadays, software and online tools all have a form of an app. The application can be downloaded to your mobile device, which gives you real-time access. Since decisions can make or break your programs, you will need real-time access to ensure that all the data is accurate. Salesforce is a performance-driven program that gives you direct access.

Types Of Monitoring & Evaluation Software Tools You Might Consider

As you might have noticed, there are hundreds if not thousands of tools and software that can help you monitor data and give you feedback. Choosing the right one can be tedious and you need to consider things like costs and efficiency. The following evaluation tools tend to be very accurate and give you great results:

ODK based Ecosystem:

An overall tool that will encompass every aspect of your data collection process to simplify the collection process.


Another simplified tool that will ensure all data is accessed and your capturing is much easier.


One of the most effective tools for collecting mobile data and giving you consumer information.


If you need fast surveys with accurate results, this tool will do all the hard work for you.

Google Forms:

One of the most common survey tools which are free and will give you real-time data access.


Broadcast messaging forms part of any M&E process and the Magpi system will simplify the process for any NGO.

We have only selected a couple of effective tools that could make your life easier. However, there are hundreds more that you can choose from and all of them will vary in price.

Types Of Monitoring Tools You Might Consider

If you have your evaluation tools set up, you might need to consider the monitoring aspect of the process as well. There are many top monitoring tools, but we have stuck to two of the top options that could help you with your tasks.

  • TolaData

TolaData is one of the least sophisticated tools you can choose. It will give you real-time access to monitor your projects, while also being very easy to set up. The tool can also aggregate results from other tools, making it perfect for integration processes.

  • LogAlto

If you are looking for a tool with collaboration boosting benefits, LogAlto is one of the most effective tools for M&E processes. It is directly marketed to small and mid-sized NGOs with a basic framework. The mobile app, which forms part of the tool will provide you with results and information in real-time.

  • The Artemis Impact Platform

The Artemis Impact Platform is another app, which focuses on both Monitoring & Evaluation and helps you measure the impact. As an organizer, you can create surveys, share them with your team members and then monitor it on the organizer dashboard in real-time. Available on mobile platforms like Playstore for Android phones & Appstore for iPhones, the app gives your team members flexibility to collect data remotely.  


There are many more tools that anyone can use when it comes to M&E and while we have barely scraped the barrel, you can easily find the right tool for all your needs. All of these tools will make life easier as an NGO. The data can be extrapolated and formulated to give you an indication of your success. Additionally, it allows you to redirect your mission progress to achieve the best results. 

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