Millennials and Volunteerism

May 8, 2020 | by user

Millennials, or representatives of Generation Y (also known as Gen Y) were born between 1982 and 2000. Oftentimes, millennials are referred as a generation that is selfish, self-centered, and lacks compassion.

However, the first Millennial Impact Report shows that the generation is actually much more generous than thought. In reality, 70% of millennials volunteer weekly. Compare this with baby boomers and Generation X, where 61 percent and 63 percent are regular volunteers.

When earlier generations might have been encouraged by their employers to volunteer or donate. Millennials are far more likely to be affected by their peers than their bosses, 65 to 44%. Most millennials are much more likely to be volunteers if they feel a connection to the cause. It does not necessarily imply that they’ve had a personal impact on the core issue. It can be as simple as reading the story of someone who has been impacted.

In short, this gen is more inclined than the previous generations to find the causes that align with them.

Another factor that encourages millennials to volunteer is proof of impact. Millennials are much more willing to help if they can leverage their ability and if they have examples of the impact of their efforts or contributions. 

This generation strives to support their communities and assume that they have the ability to do so. In reality, according to the report, 90% of millennials feel that they can have a meaningful impact on the world and make it a better place to live. 

As a conclusion, NGOs or communities really have the potential to attract a lot of millennials into their social activities. Here are some point you can mention to your future volunteers:

  • Share with them about a true example on how somebody (or something) has had an influence on the issue at hand and how you can contribute to the issue.
  • Tell them about some of the skill sets they could leverage when joining as volunteers.
  • State clearly to them about your vision and how they could contribute to it. Always update them with the organization progress and the impact they created throughout the program.

Millennials are the generation that wants to make a difference in the world, it’s just the matter of how they could find a cause that resonates with them.

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