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Komunitas Taufan is an Indonesian based cancer health community that aims to help cancer patients who need moral & financial support. It interconnects cancer patients and children with high-risks with volunteers & donors. Many of the patients under their care come to Jakarta for treatment from all over Indonesia. 

They are based in Jakarta with programs across Jabodetabek area.

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Which genre/cause is Komunitas Taufan working for? 

They focus on health & well-being related issues, in specific they deal with people with cancer. They do so by providing quality health-based products and human support with the help of volunteers. Find more information about the other genres here.

Why is Komunitas Taufan working for health & well-being? 

The story began on December 16th, 2013 when “Ibu Taufan” (Ms. Taufan) decided to establish Komunitas Taufan with the full help of Count Me In’ volunteer. She started the community in memory of her son who passed away due to blood cancer after fighting it for two years.

Which SDG does Komunitas Taufan work for? 

They are working towards SDG number 3 – Good Health & Well-Being by providing resources to support cancer patients both emotionally and financially. Good health & well-being, SDG no. 3 aims to ensure equal and safe access to medicines and other health related material to all by the year 2030.

What areas are they active in?

They have several programs such as #HomeVisit #SupportVisit and #BangsalVisit across Jabodetabek area

Is Komunitas Taufan an NGO? 

It is a registered NGO & was established on December 16, 2013.

What kind of activities do they do? 

They have several programs such as #HomeVisit #SupportVisit and #BangsalVisit, under which volunteers basically visit cancer patients in several locations (hospital and home). The activities itself are more focused on giving social support or doing fun activities with them to keep them busy and entertained.

Does Komunitas Taufan require volunteers?

Yes, they have a volunteering program that invites people to help them organize & run patient visits. There are several types of activities where volunteers can lend a hand and some activities are tailored based on program needs.  Check here.

How can I contribute?

They are open for both donations & volunteers for their activities. Details of any volunteering & open donation system can be accessed on (https://www.komunitastaufan.org)


I cried when I was hearing Ms. Yani (Founder) her speech. Such a strong woman, I don’t know how she does it #TEDxJakarta #NewEndings

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