Top 5 Impact Measurement Tools & Softwares

Nov 21, 2020 | by Aliyyaa

Best Recommended Impact Measurement Tools & Software

If you want to measure the impact of your social projects it is important to have the right impact measurement tools & software. The right tool can make your impact measurement process easier & more accurate. 

As you might have guessed, there are tons of these tools and software on the market today. However, only a couple of them stand out and will deliver the results they promise. While we are not completely reviewing them, the following tools and software will allow you to keep tabs on your progress and improve your measurement of projects.

Know more about what impact measurement is & how you can do it

Social impact software

Artemis Impact Platform:

If you are looking for a comprehensive tool and application that will make life easier when measuring impact, Artemis is probably one of the best. Artemis is an all-in-one impact measurement platform, which allows you to: 

  • Design your impact strategy (derived from the Theory of Change)
  • Collect data for your indicators & metrics
  • Visualize outcome/impact data
  • Data analytics
  • Collaborate with your team members
  • Available in multiple languages: English, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese
  • Multiple tiers available; free, pro & enterprise

Sign up for free today here. 

 impact measurement tools artemis impact social impact software

Survey Tools

Survey CTO:

Survey CTO is a tool used in more than 130 countries, which allows the user to communicate in hard-to-reach areas.


This tool offers offline cooperation and communication with teams in areas where online connections are not possible.

Google Forms:

Google is accessible to almost everyone and Google Forms is one of the best options to reach large quantities of people if your needs are simple and don’t need a lot of customization. 

Data Management Tools

Once you have used the above-mentioned methods to collect some data from people on the ground, you need to do something with the data. Unless you sort the data, it will be just a few random numbers that don’t mean anything. It is important to have a data management tool to ensure that data is sorted and easier to understand:


Quickbase is one of the most trusted data sorting tools. It offers full customization to the user to meet their needs. 


If your program or project is product-driven, you might need a tool like SalesForce to give you an indication of product sales or deliveries.

Data management tools can greatly improve your life and make it easier to keep track of all your stats and social impact. The top tools will allow you to spend less time combing through data and more time planning your next move.


Impact measurement is one of the most important aspects of any social impact project. There is no use running a program if it does not yield any results and you won’t be able to find out why. These tools only touch the tip of the iceberg, but they are some of the very best on the market today and should make your life much easier.

If you have any questions feel free to check out our website or get in touch with us via email: contact@artemis.im

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