How to Use Artemis Mobile App for Actors?

Oct 13, 2020 | by Yosy Christy Natalia

Artemis for data collection

Artemis Mobile App is a tool, which allows you to collect output/outcome data for your NGO’s projects. You could be a volunteer or a full-time employee. You can easily join your projects and as soon as you fill the data, it will be compiled for your NGO project. With the app, you can keep an overview of the surveys you have filled for any project so far—allowing you to know your impact as well. The app is available on Android—Play Store & Apple—App Store will be available in the middle of November 2020.

Artemis Mobile App
How to use Artemis App for Actor

Downloading Artemis’ Mobile App allows you to:

  • Join on-going projects of your NGO
  • Fill in multiple surveys directly through the app—allowing your NGO to get real-time data
  • See your own individual impact

In this article, you can learn how to use Artemis Mobile App. Follow these simple steps:

  • Download Artemis Mobile App for Actor on Play Store. Or you can simply click the link below:

  1. Download  Artemis Mobile App for Android here
  • Sign-up on Artemis App—choose from the three available options;

  1. Create an account using your email. You can use your organization or personal email to create an account
  2. Create an account using your mobile number
  3. Create an account using your Gmail
Registration successfully through phone number


Choose one of three options above, if you have successfully signed-up then we’re going to the next step.

You are ready to start joining the projects on-going!

  • Looking for a project. You can find projects based on the action, category, SDG, or sub-goals you want to be involved in. follow these steps;

  1. Go to the Search menu, then you can choose the options in every section to filter project you want to join— or if you already know the project’s name, you can simply type in the search bar then click enter/send

Click ‘project name’ on Search bar

      2. If it’s a private or semi-private project you’ll have to wait to be accepted and if it’s a public project you’ll be admitted immediately

Send application to the project
Notification if you are approved in the project

     3.  Once you are confirmed to join the project, you can see Joined Projects in Dashboard and start to fill in Surveys.

List of your Joined Projects
  • Fill in Survey 

  1. Click on the project you joined, click on the Survey button on the top panel of the project then choose the survey you want to fill

  2. Answer all the questions of the survey based on your experience in the project you’re joined in then click Submit.

    Fill in survey
  3. Congratulations! Your surveys have submitted. See you on the next project!

    Your survey submitted


If you’re NGO or organization, you can also learn more about:

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Artemis Impact Measurement App is a tool, which allows you to measure the impact you are creating, & ‘Monitor and Evaluate’ your projects in real-time. No need for multiple tools, streamline your impact measurement process with Artemis.

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