Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E): How To Implement It?

Oct 2, 2020 | by Irvandias Sanjaya

Monitoring & Evaluation for nonprofits

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), while we have discussed what it is and some of the benefits, we haven’t touched on how you can implement Monitoring and Evaluation in your NGO. However, it is not as hard as it might seem and you will notice how effective these programs are in boosting your success.

What is the Purpose of M&E?

What is M&E?

M&E: Best practices

However, if you have been wondering what is the best way to implement M&E, the following article is a great read and guide to help you implement M&E in your business.

Basic Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Setup Guide

We have broken the following guidelines into a few steps that should make it much easier for you to understand the information presented and chronologically implement it:

  • Identify The Goal Of The Project

Much like you are going to approach a business plan, you will also need to identify the goal of your M&E project. It will need to be a targeted approach that makes it much easier to pinpoint the issue you are trying to resolve. You might need to take a few days before the process to clarify the goals and the outcome that you are looking for from your various stakeholders. 

  • Identify The Tools You Are To Use

Once you are done with the planning stages, you will need to determine if you need specific M&E tools. The M&E tools you will be using will need to be designed to help you achieve your goals. Oftentimes, you will find that using the right tools could make the process much simpler and reduce the input time.

  • Define A Timeline

The next step is to define a timeline for your project. The timeline will depend on a couple of things that may include the costs and your available resources. It is best to be realistic about your expectations and once you have your results. Quite often M&E will run parallel to your project. It’s important to know when to stop. Many people run the M&E program longer than they need or in some cases don’t spend enough time.

  • Implementation Of M&E

At some point, you will need to stop with the planning and implement your M&E projects. Here, you will need to identify the roles of all the individuals and tools you will be using. Once final meetings have been held, you can implement the programs with the relevant individuals or role-players taking their respective leads. 

  • Track Real-Time Data

If possible, you should focus on tracking some real-time data. If you can track the progress with an application or have role-players that will keep you up to date, it becomes much easier to make the changes if they are needed. Keep in mind that it might take a few days for data to be realistic before you react and evaluate the data. There are not many tools, which give you real-time data collection & visualization options tailored to the needs of NGOs. However, Artemis Impact App is one such application, which allows you to easily collect data and analyze it using their dashboard tool.

  • Make Intermittent Adjustments

If you have run the programs for a while and your data is not what you wanted, you don’t need to give in so early. If you think there is any way to salvage the projects, we recommend looking at a few adjustments. In surveys, you might want to shorten them or change some of the questions, which could yield significant results.

  • Rinse And Repeat

While it is not advised that you run the same M&E project for too long, you need to continuously run them to monitor your progress and programs. Once the first one is done, the subsequent programs should be much easier, but you can use the same guide for each of them. Keep in mind that it might not always be successful, but it is essential.


M&E is an essential part of any NGO and it plays a huge part in helping the organization achieve some sort of success.

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The above-mentioned guide will allow you to implement one of your own at any scale. You can take all of these principles and scale them up or down, depending on your very own needs. 

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