Artemis Academy: How many topics will we learn?

Nov 2, 2021 | by Yosy Christy Natalia

How many topics will we learn at Artemis Academy?

Artemis Academy is a learning platform that helps you learn all about Impact measurement. By implementing an Impact Measurement framework, your organization will be more attractive to donors, be able to demonstrate that funds are being spent where they will create social impact, and effectively communicate how much impact your interventions are having in the lives of the people you are working with. Artemis Academy contains Impact Measurement courses from beginner to advanced.

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Why is Social Impact measurement important?

In the Impact Measurement for Beginners, we have two main topics, they are:

Impact Strategy

It is a very important chapter because designing the impact strategy for our social activities is a very crucial first step to create a more positive sustainable impact with them & then to measure it. There are 2 subchapters in this section:

Problem Statement

In this subchapter, we will introduce the problem statement, including its objectives, definition, and why it’s important. Then, we will talk about the most common mistakes social organizations or projects make when they are defining their problem statement. And to help us avoid those mistakes, we will walk you through a step-by-step process to create a good problem statement, including several potential challenges we need to be aware of and how to overcome them.

Artemis Impact Framework

One of the most crucial steps in applying impact strategy for social activities, as well as in measuring impact, is creating an Impact Framework. It will help us to create a better illustration of what our project wants to achieve and how. 

In this subchapter, we will introduce the Artemis Impact Framework; including its objective, definition, importance, and the components of the framework. We will also walk through the step-by-step process of creating the Impact Framework on Artemis Impact Platform, which we can easily use to create an impact framework. We will also share some common mistakes that people often make and potential challenges we’ve seen so far.

Once you finish this chapter, you will be able to do your exercise by downloading the file that we provide on the page. This exercise will take 10-15 minutes to complete with a medium difficulty level. Good luck!

Data Collection

The next chapter is about Data Collection. In this chapter, we will delve deeper into how to collect data to measure your impact. There are 4 sub-chapters here:


First, we will quickly review what we learned in the previous subchapter of the Artemis Impact Framework. Next, we will also explain what Impact Measurement is and why it is important. After that, we will explain what Indicators are and their different types of sources. In the last two points we will cover the most common mistakes people make when defining their indicators, and the potential challenges we might face when defining them. 

Data Points

Here, we will look at data points and how you can derive a data point from indicators. 

Methodology & Forms

In this subchapter, we will look at are different ways of collecting data and how you can do it using forms effectively. 

Setting Up Analytics

In this subchapter, we will talk about the importance of setting up analytics, and the steps for us to prepare them.

Once you complete this chapter, you will have another exercise to do. This exercise will take 10-15 minutes to complete with a medium difficulty level. 

After that, you can find out the score of your knowledge & ability to do impact measurement basics through the assessment available. Good luck!

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Getting Started With Artemis Academy

Artemis Impact is a network of corporate, donors & non-profits. By using an impact measurement framework, we aim to help people create more impact. Artemis was founded to help NGOs, Donors & CSR programs connect & create change with our impact-driven focus

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