Why Artemis Outcome-Based Funding?


Get exposure to corporate & institutional donors


Reduce the time spent in fundraising


Get expert M&E audit for your projects

For nonprofit organisations

Our services will help your organization get exposure to national and international donors, in addition receive M&E guidance from experts. 

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Outcome Based Funding Services

1Understand your needs

In this step, our team will work with you to get more details about your organization, teams, projects—intended impact/outcome, activities planned, area of impact—and requirements. 

2Eligibility Check

In order to make sure that the projects supported via Artemis are credible and legitimate, our team does a thorough verification of the organization and the project for which funding is sought. 

3Connecting with Donors

Once your organization has been verified, our team will start connecting with the shortlisted donors from the Artemis network, create proposals, and communicate with donors. 


After the donor and you agree, our team will onboard you and your team according to donor specifications, Artemis M&E standards & requirements. Then you can continue being the impact!

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