Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities: Examples

Feb 24, 2022 | by Yosy Christy Natalia

Four examples of CSR activities

CSR activities has evolved into a mandatory business practice today to an extent that most businesses and organizations chalk out their agenda and vision keeping the CSR aspect in mind. In many countries, sustainability reporting and CSR are made mandatory. A robust CSR strategy is a definite formula to attract stakeholders, customers, boost brand image and enhance profitability. 

An organization’s CSR strategy can be a mix of a range of activities depending on the business goal. It may include stakeholders’ support, volunteering, PR and marketing effort, among others. Below, we share some common CSR activities. 

Environmental initiatives

One of the most popular ways to work towards CSR or sustainability is by leading environmental initiatives – from reducing carbon footprint to investing in solar energy. It can be something as simple and basic as installing a water conservation mechanism in place to check and curb water wastage. Many organizations invest in recycling programs where the by-product of their operations are reused into creating something. 

Community involvement

One of the hit ways of doing CSR is thinking local and involving the community. The activities positively impact the locals while also benefiting the business – win-win for all!. Consider this example – a bakery chain turns to local dairy units to procure milk and eggs and also sets up a program to educate the community about organic, sustainable farming.  

Improving labor policies

Productivity boost stems from a happy workforce, therefore, working to streamline and improve labor policies has been a sweet investment spot for businesses.

Investing in tomorrow

This largely means that an increasing number of businesses are now investing in technology, processes, innovations that promise to make tomorrow happier. This could range from investing in the formulation of more effective drugs for debilitating ailments, among others. 

Aligning with SDGs

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) were adopted as a means to put an end to or mitigate a range of pressing issues plaguing the world, such as poverty, illiteracy, lack of education and clean drinking water, deforestation, animal poaching, among others. These goals, in a way, serve as a readymade catalog for companies to align their business vision with what best suits their agenda and chalk out their CSR strategy accordingly. How To Connect Your CSR Projects With SDGs?

Besides these, companies also work with volunteers to further a cause while also supporting local bodies and the governments in their sustainable agenda. Successful CSR activities have everyone’s welfare meshed at the core. It is a definite win for the business when everyone involved benefits from its activities.

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