Environmental Reporting Software: A Guide

Mar 21, 2022 | by Yosy Christy Natalia

Top Environmental Reporting Software in 2022

In our attempt to make the understanding of CSR and sustainability concepts simpler and easier, we at Artemis Impact try to delve deeper and cover topics in as much depth as possible. In some of our other blogs, we have talked in detail about CSR practices, regulations, sustainable reporting, frameworks and standards, among others. 

ESG frameworks are not new to us. For the unlearned, these set of criteria and reporting standards particularly help companies define, work towards, measure, and report environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact. You will find many of our blogs dedicated to CSR and sustainability reporting frameworks, tools, and software, this one goes out to environmental reporting software. 

If you are an organization working toward creating environmental impact and are confused about how to go about managing, measuring, and, above all, reporting your impact, look no further. Below we have a quick guide on a set of environmental reporting software that companies can use. 

Artemis Impact

Think impact creation and reporting, think Artemis Impact Platform. From impact measurement and reporting to helping organizations take their impact journey, growth and prospects a notch higher, the platform offers tools and software suitable for not just environmental reporting but full-fledged sustainable reporting as well. The Artemis Impact Platform has 4 main features to visualize your impact theory and easily measure the impact you create. They are:

  • Project Management

This project management feature allows you to organize all your project information in one place & connect your project to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

  • Impact Visualization

Visually create your Impact Strategy—easily implement your impact strategy & have a clear overview of your impact strategy at all times

  • Data Collection

Create multiple surveys & share them with your team easily to streamline your data collection process. Save time & resources needed to measure the impact

  • Data Analytics

Our analytics dashboard allows you to visualize your data in a way that can easily help you answer important questions like how much and what impact is created, is your project on track to achieve its outcome goals, & more.

To learn more about impact investing, leading an impact project, and impact creation and measurement, refer to our blogs. Also, do not forget to check out our Artemis Impact platform, tailor-made for all impact leaders and creators to measure impact.

Create a more lasting impact with your CSR efforts & share evidence-based stories. Schedule a call back to know how.


GRI helps organizations choose software and tools that they can use in their reporting process. It also has a step-by-step process for companies to get their software or tool certified by the GRI and also features a comprehensive list of its certified software partners across different global markets that organizations can choose from. 

For over two decades, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) has been consistent in delivering a set of robust and dependable sustainability reporting frameworks and tools. Initially, it catered solely to environmental practices but later expanded its purview to governance, human rights, et cetera. It claims to provide the world’s most widely used standards for sustainability reporting.


Armed with AI technology, strategic advisory, and robust insights, Equilibrium offers ESG reporting tools and software, focusing on themes such as carbon footprint targets, nature loss. The platform includes TCFD, SASB, GRI, standards to offer holistic and strong reporting frameworks to companies. 

Benchmark ESG

The company describes itself as a leader in environmental software solutions and provides end-to-end environmental compliance software tools. 

“Our environmental management software streamlines compliance of air, water and waste regulations. Manage ongoing program improvements alongside powerful analytical tools to perform trending analysis and automatic report generation, our solutions work together to minimize and eliminate environmental incidents,” reads the official website. 


Its EHS (environmental, health and safety) reporting software has been used by several companies to streamline, standardize and even automate their environmental compliance reporting.

“Encamp helps environmental teams increase productivity and centralize data across their entire organization… by strategically working with companies to transform their environmental compliance activities from a set of disjointed functions with high-tech software and high-touch expert support.” states the website.

Young organizations can take a cue from a range of software and tools to get their impact journey going, others with more hefty resources must invest in solid reporting tools and services for effective storytelling of their impact achievements and reap maximum fruits.

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