Environment Conservation NGOs in Indonesia

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Volunteering with Environmental Conservation NGOs in Indonesia

If you believe that climate change is real and want to do something about it, then you are in the right place. UN, under the Sustainable Development Goals, declared Goal 13, 14, and 15 to fight climate change, protect below water and life on land, respectively. There are many NGOs in Indonesia that are working tirelessly to make sure that we can contain the effect of climate change. Here are a few that you can volunteer with Environment Conservation NGOs in Indonesia to helpĀ 

ASRI (Alam Sehat Lestari)

Founded in 2007, ASRI is working towards creating a healthy, prosperous, and sustainable natural community in collaboration with the North Kayong District Govt.

They work with local communities in the forest area of North Kayong to provide them with quality & affordable healthcare and train them about alternative livelihood options.

They work with volunteers from a wide variety of fields, especially international volunteers in the field of medicine. Check out more info here.

Hutan Itu Indonesia

Hutan Itu is working towards creating a movement to develop the national identity of the people of Indonesia around forests. By encouraging awareness, collaborating with people across Indonesia, they want to take tangible actions to safeguard and protect forests.

They organize various events, music festivals, exhibitions, camps/hikes in forests. train youth and create local champions in different cities of Indonesia. And you can be a part of all of these as a volunteer and contribute to this cause. Find more information about their volunteer program here.

Earth Hour

What started off as a stand-alone event in Sydney in 2007 is now one of the biggest grassroots movements. It has managed to mobilize people all over the world to take actions as small as switching off lights for an hour to as big as legislation changes.

Started by WWF, it is now supported by many volunteer organizations worldwide.

Their main aim with the volunteer program is to let people actually come in touch with the environment and understand the challenges of environmental conservation directly in the field. As a volunteer, you could be based in the field of work from the office. They accept volunteers from the age of 19-40 and for 3-6 months volunteer program. Find more information here.

Gerakan ID Diet Kantong Plastik

Started in 2010, Diet Kantong Plastik has been working to encourage people to be wiser in their use of plastic bags. In just 1 year (November 2010 – 2011), they managed to reduce plastic bag usage by 8,233,930 units and collect funds from consumers to clean 4 major cities in Indonesia. Since their inception, they are working along with organizations like change.org, Earth Hour Indonesia, The Body Shop, and more to attain their vision of a plastic-free Indonesia. Their ultimate goal is to protect the environment from the damaging effects of unscrupulous plastic usage.

They organize a lot of interesting events like a beach cleanup, the environmental challenges for high school students, plastic robbery. Check more information about how you can contribute here.

Greenpeace Indonesia

Greenpeace is an international organization with chapters in different countries. They focus on creating compelling campaigns & advocating solutions for environment conservation challenges threatening the world today. Started in 1971, they want to create positive changes in the world in a responsible fashion. They believe in real actions and not just words. They actively look for volunteers to join them to help find solutions and take action. You can work as an activist, online activist, or local groups. Check here for more information.

Pandu Laut Nusantara

Founded by Susi Pudijiastuti, Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and an entrepreneur. Pandu Laut Nusantara focuses on raising awareness about sea and ocean preservation, organize beach cleanups, music fests to raise awareness.

You can volunteer in their management, social media, and security team. Find more info here.

The need for environmental conservation has never been direr. All these NGOs and many more are doing their best to combat this gnawing threat. You can make a huge difference in the lives of the current and coming generations by volunteering and taking small steps today.

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