They put their trust in us

Enjoy multiple benefits

01Find eligible projects with minimal resources

We sift thousands of grassroot organizations through a thorough 6-steps due diligence process to find organizations that are credible, have a clear past record, and high impact aspirations for the future. Saving you time & effort in finding such organizations

02Diversify your funding portfolio

Our selection process allows you to find & fund organizations beyond the established pool of NGOs allowing you to work with organizations that have true local understanding, bring in new perspectives & more innovation

03Receive accountable & transparent data

We train each organization funded via ACP on impact theory, measurement & reporting, and also provide them with our all-in-one cloud solution to provide evidence-based reporting to our donors

How does it work?

01Shortlist Organizations

We invite proposals and filter each organization via a 6-step due diligence process to shortlist only the best organizations for you.

02Impact Bootcamp

The shortlisted organizations go through an Impact Training Boot Camp supported by our three pillars of ACP and by trained experts with 23 years of CEO management training experience in Mckinsey.

03Execute, Learn & Adjust

We provide ongoing coaching & feedback allowing the organizations to stay agile with their decision-making & improve as they go. We also connect organizations to their peers so they can share knowledge & grow together

04Monitoring & Evaluation

We provide monthly & end of project impact reporting to donors, debrief about the progress, the impact created & distill key learnings for our donors. 

Three Pillars of Artemis Community Program

01Artemis Academy

A detailed online training platform for organizations to build skills on impact theory, impact measurement & financial reporting among other things.

02Artemis Impact platform

An all-in-one cloud solution for organizations to create impact theory, measure & visualise the impact created.

03Artemis Forum

An online peer group for organizations to share knowledge, receive valuable feedback & grow together.

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