CSR Program: The Different Types

Sep 3, 2020 | by Phoebe C

The Different Types Of CSR Program and How Companies Get Involved

CSR program or Corporate Social Responsibility is a big part that is played by local businesses and communities and helping NGOs to grow and raise funds for worthy causes. Most companies have a sector dedicated to dealing with CSR and you will often find that many of them try to include the community as much as possible.

What not everyone knows, is that there are types of corporate social responsibility that organizations and companies get involved in. The following article is dedicated to exploring some of these programs and showing you how companies get involved in these programs. You as a company or the community can also get involved in these programs to help raise funds for the worthy cause of the NGO you are supporting.

Understanding CSR programs can help you see why these programs are running and how many of them are beneficial for raising funds for a specific cause. The following programs are some of the most common and you have likely heard of them. Now, you know how they affect the NGO and help them raise funds:

  • Environmental CSR Program

The one you have probably seen the most is environmental programs. We read about it all the time since most companies are trying to reduce the negative effects they have on the environment. These programs can enable the company to avoid taxes related to carbon emissions and serve as a fundraising event.

How Companies Get Involved: Companies try to reduce their carbon emissions with product ingredients and clean up the environment with programs that help clean rivers and natural animal habitats.

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  • Ethical Programs

There are many ethical programs on the news nowadays, especially helping women and gender-based violence. Companies often join the cause by encouraging the communities around them to support some of these bigger causes. Oftentimes, they can donate a percentage of sale proceeds to these programs.

How Companies Get Involved: Companies can sell products and donate the proceedings to the worthy cause. Additionally, they can tutor the community on how to deal with such issues and perhaps avoid it.

  • Philanthropy Programs

Money is a scarce resource and rampant poverty is high in many parts of the world. While some companies become successful by working hard, they often give back to the community in ways that enable the communities to grow. Philanthropy is something that many high net worth individuals go into for encouragement to others.

How Companies Get Involved: Soup kitchens and educational programs are some of the many different programs that companies target to help give back to the community and encourage them to grow out of poverty. 

  • Positive Press CSR Program

These programs can often be construed into people thinking a company is doing it for better publicity. However, these programs are encouraging to help an NGO raise funds. By bringing positive publicity to a specific cause, one can encourage people to spend their money wisely and to donate to a worthy cause if they feel the need.

How Companies Get Involved: Companies get involved by bringing some publicity to them and encouraging their own goals in newspapers or on TV. Adverts on TV can be a great way to bring positive press publicity.

  • Volunteerism Programs

Volunteers are what make NGOs and other causes possible. Since most of the funding goes toward the cause itself, there is very little left to fund the people making things happen. By asking for volunteers or encouraging volunteers with some incentives like prizes, companies can help NGOs accomplish their goals with no costs from the NGO.

How Companies Get Involved: Companies can often set up or fund competitions that encourage people to get involved with volunteering in their communities and for a specific cause. These incentives can often be used to get donations as well.

Final Thoughts of CSR Program

The world would hardly ever be the same without corporate social responsibility programs and companies that are willing to back specific causes. You as the community can also get involved with CSR programs and join companies that work toward a specific cause. These companies still make a profit from a business, but they cut their own profits to help NGOs achieve their goals.

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