How To Create a Survey In Artemis Impact Platform?

Create a Survey in Artemis Impact Platform

Artemis Impact App ‘Survey Feature’ for organizers allows you to collect data for your Impact measurement or for monitoring & evaluating your project. You may create surveys based on the components of your Theory of Changes such as—input, activity, output, outcome, and impact—or for any other impact measurement framework that you use. Artemis Impact Organizer App is available on the web here.

NOTE: You can create up to 5 surveys.

Creating a survey with Artemis allows you to:

  • Monitor and evaluate the progress of your on-going projects
  • Streamlines the process of data collection and aggregation
  • Allows you to get access to real-time data 

In this article, you can learn how to create a survey on Artemis Impact App. Follow these simple steps:

Let’s begin!

  • Click on the ‘Survey’ button on the top panel of your project, then click on ‘Create Survey’ and add Survey title with max 25 characters.

artemis impact measurement and monitoring and evaluation app project page

  • Now you can start to add the questions. Each question can have a maximum of 125 characters. You can choose to add your own questions or simply add from suggested questions available. Suggested questions are based on your survey title and related to your project category.
  • Choose between different options of questions available;
    1. A short answer, this could be a combination between characters and numbers, and there could be a maximum of 100 characters per answer
    2. Paragraph, this could be a combination between characters and numbers with a maximum of 250 characters per answer
    3. Radio button, you would define multiple possibilities but actors can only choose 1 answer
    4. Checkbox, you would define multiple possibilities & actors can choose multiple answers
    5. Rating, actors would be able to choose out of 5 stars
    6. Linear scale, you would define a scale from 1-5 (ex. 1=Bad, 5=Excellent)
    7. Duration, you might ask a start/end date & time through this
    8. Number, this is for a question that only wants a number as a response
    9. Location, this would be the actors’ location. You might also let actors change the location just in case it isn’t the right answer

artemis impact measurement and monitoring and evaluation app survey page

  • In the next step, choose up to 10 tags that reflect your question. Tags help you to categorize your questions (ex. If you have questions about CO2 levels, the tags would be about the environment or if you have questions about volunteer hours, then the tag could be volunteers.)
  • Once you have reviewed your question, you can go ahead & Save the question

artemis impact measurement and monitoring and evaluation app survey page

  • Repeat the process to add more questions. You can add up to 10 questions in one survey.
  • Once you have added all the questions, publish the survey. You can go back to your survey page and see all the published surveys.

artemis impact measurement and monitoring and evaluation app survey page

NOTE: You can edit your survey at any point by clicking on the on the top right of the screen

Congratulations! Your survey has been published and you are ready for the next step: Invite member.

  • You have two options to share the survey with your members: 
    • Option 1: Share the survey link via email/Whatsapp or other channels of communication. In this case, the actors would not need to download the app, and they can just use the link to access the survey on their browser and fill it. 
    • Option 2: Invite your member to download Artemis App on Play Store or AppStore. After they download the App and log in, they can look for your project and ask to join. When you approve their request, then they can access the survey and start filling it. Downloading the app will allow your actors to access the surveys right away after they are published and save you time—as you will not have to share the survey link one by one. Secondly, the actors will also be able to view their contributions using the app. 

Artemis Impact Platform is a solution, which allows you to measure the impact you are creating, & ‘Monitor and Evaluate’ your projects in real-time. No need for multiple tools, streamline your impact measurement process with Artemis.

Watch the video tutorial below :

Artemis Impact App Tutorial


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