Create a Successful Fundraising Campaign in 8 Steps

Sep 6, 2020 | by Phoebe C

How to raise funds for non-profit organizations (npos)?

For any NGO, especially smaller organizations, it is an important question to ask when they want to maximize their results from fundraising campaigns. Anyone can start a fundraising campaign, but that does not mean it will be successful. However, there are a few core principles one can follow in the planning process to improve your chances.

In the following article, we will be looking at a few of the main principles that companies or start-ups follow when launching a successful fundraising campaign. What can NGOs learn from all these companies while creating a fundraising campaign?

While it does not guarantee that the campaign will be successful, it greatly improves the chances of having some success. We have tried to simplify the process, to make it usable for all small NGOs.

If you search the topic on the web, you will find many results and opinions from people. However, it is best to follow the guides of the companies that have already mastered the art of successful fundraising campaigns. Our research entails guides from the top companies to help you create a successful fundraising campaign.

  • Start With Dedicated Supporters

Your dedicated supporters are the most loyal to your cause and will do the most for your company. It is often best to soft launch process among your smaller dedicated supporters and allows them to spread the word of mouth. It can often be cheaper and your supporters can find any bugs before it becomes bad publicity.

[bctt tweet=”Your dedicated supporters are the most loyal to your cause and will do the most for your company. It is often best to soft launch process among your smaller dedicated supporters and allows them to spread the word of mouth. It can often be cheaper and your supporters can find any bugs before it becomes bad publicity. ” username=”artemis_impact”]

A simple email or Whatsapp is often enough to notify your local subscribers and will enable them to start looking into the situation. Since you have a smaller target group, you can also manage the results more efficiently before launching the bigger campaign.

  • Peer-To-Peer Fundraising

By relying on your dedicated group of supporters, you might not raise a lot of funds. The truth is that not everyone has the skills to market the brand and raise your funds. However, you can provide some sort of education and even courses. These will help the individuals build up some of the skills for fundraising.

Additionally, incentives are also a great way to encourage people to donate more. Your incentives don’t need to be targeted at raising funds, but can rather be targeted at marketing. If someone shares it the most times on social media, they could receive a reward. There are many ways to go about the marketing aspect.

  • Your NGO Brand Needs To Be Promoted

One thing you will need to do is keep your NGO brand on the front page of the marketing process. The more people see your brand, the bigger the brand and reputation will become. You might need to spend some time creating catchphrases and slogans that tie into your goals and will allow you to establish your brand even better.

  • Gifts For Big Donators

One thing that everyone wants is acclaim. The more acclaim someone can get, the more they will probably donate. By giving large donors some incentives or keeping them happy with a boost to their acclaim, you are bound to get bigger donations. It can also encourage new donors to try for the same acclaim.

Gifts and donor recognition parties are some of the best ways to do this. Once again, you might need to invest a few bucks, but the publicity from having a popular donor could attract even more donors. You can also add incentive gifts for people to challenge one another and receive something for smaller donations.

  • Show Your Impact

People want to make a difference and if they don’t see any noticeable changes from your campaign, they will not invest. Once you have made some progress with your campaign, you need to show the impact on some of your donors. The more you show the impact on the world, the more people will want to be linked with your NGO.

A rule of life is that people want to be remembered for being successful or being linked to something that is successful. By showing people the impact of your success, you will improve the impact a marketing campaign has on attracting new investors. 

Learn more about how you can measure the impact of your projects. 

  • Publicity Is Key

With any large organization looking to raise funds, you will notice the amount of publicity they try to find. You might need to buy some ad space in the local newspaper, but once you have the media on your side, your life becomes much easier. As mentioned, your donors might also want some publicity to improve their acclaim. For which you could even do a press release. 

  • Celebrate Your Successes

Since you have an organization, you also want to keep the motivation up and improve the sentiment among your volunteers. Once you have achieved some level of success, you should share it with them and perhaps even celebrate it. The celebration can be a great way to host a party for one or even all your large donors.

  • Lastly, keep your eyes open for not so typical avenues of fundraising

In today’s world, ways of receiving funds are varied. So it’s important you don’t limit yourself to traditional channels like foundations or CSR. There are various incubators, accelerator programs dedicated to NGOs, which can help you get access to funds, training, etc. Or big tech platforms like Facebook, Google have special funds available for NGOs, which can aid you in executing the points mentioned above. 

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If you want to improve your acclaim and notoriety as a fundraising campaign, you have a few steps to follow. However, launching your first fundraising campaign can be easy and effective with the steps mentioned above. These can be followed in any order, but you will want to end with the celebration.

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us via our website or through email: contact@artemis.im

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