A Guide: Create A Project on Artemis Platform

How To Create A Project On Artemis Impact Platform?

Artemis Impact App ‘project feature’ allows you to easily create & manage impact measurement. Projects on the Artemis app can correspond with the programs or interventions your organization is running. Artemis Impact App for Organizer is available on the website here.

NOTE: You can create multiple projects on your organizer portal.

Creating a project allows you to:

    • Share key project information with your team & stakeholders
    • Organize all your surveys & data for a project in one place
    • Adapt the project information as it evolves

In this article, you can learn how to create a project on Artemis Impact App. Follow these simple steps: 

If you don’t have an account yet, follow these steps to create an account

Watch the video tutorial Artemis Impact App Tutorial

artemis impact measurement and monitoring and evaluation app overview page

  • Once the ‘Project’ page opens, follow the steps below
    • Upload your banner image. It should be an image that reflects your project or your project/NGO logo. (image size must be less than 10 MB)
    • Add your project title (up to 35 characters) & project description. Try to explain your project clearly to your members. (up to 750 characters)

    • Choose a Sustainable Development Goal that your project is working towards. If you are not sure about which SDG to choose, you can read about the Sustainable Development Goals here. Once you have selected an SDG, choose a subgoal. The app provides a brief description of all sub-goals.
    • In the next step, select up to 5 categories that describe your project. The categories are genres of projects like education, women empowerment, environment. If your project covers more than one, then you can select multiple categories.
    • Add the activities your team will be undertaking during the project, for example; teaching, cleaning, nursing, etc. You can choose up to 10 activities. 
    • Select the access policy for your project

      • Public: Anyone who has access to Artemis App can view the project details and join the project.
      • Semi-Private: Anyone can search and see your project on the app, but they can’t join it unless approved by the organizer.
      • Private: The project will only be visible via a special invite. 

  • Click on the ‘Done’ button on the top right side of your screen, review the information & then, publish your project.

Congratulations! Your project has been published and you are ready for the next step: Create surveys

NOTE: You can edit your project at any point by clicking on the Pencil edit button - Free interface icons on the top right of the screen

Artemis Impact Measurement App is a tool, which allows you to measure the impact you are creating, & monitor & evaluate your projects in real-time. No need for multiple tools, streamline your impact measurement process with Artemis. 

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