COVID19 Awareness Chatbot: Indonesia

Apr 14, 2020 | by user


While there are many of us who have the liberty to work from home during this turbulent time, there are millions of people out there who don’t have any other option but to continue with their day-to-day jobs. These are people driving ojeks, taxis, security guards, restaurant workers and many more. Unfortunately, these are the people who rely on the income they earn every day and as there is still no official lockdown in Indonesia, these people are still working, going out of their homes and facing the risk of contracting Covid-19.

Find Information about COVID-19

We can’t stop them from going out and in many cases they can’t stay at home even if they would like to. But we can empower them with information, which can help them take precautions to protect them and their families from the dreadful Covid19 infection. 

With this vision, we have launched a free Facebook/Website messenger chatbot to help spread the message to as many people as possible. The chatbot, which is completely in Bahasa is trying to raise awareness about

  • What is Covid?
  • What precautions people can take according to their situation or profession?
  • How to get the special Kartu Prakerja?
  • How to recognize symptoms of Covid19
  • Information about helplines set up by the government

Only information coming from reliable sources like WHO/CDC will be shared on the chatbot. And, continuous information is being added as more information comes up and as the situation changes.

We also request you to share this chat portal with more people, so together with proper measures we can stop the spread of this disease. You can access the chatbot here.


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