Contribution may not be what you think it is…

Apr 21, 2020 | by user

This blog has been written by our guest blogger – Jenny, co-founder of the Inspiration Factory Foundation.

Are you pleased by what you give or are you transformed? These are the main differences I have come across in my years of observing volunteering behavior. The people who are pleased by the amount of likes they get for spending 20 minutes with underprivileged kids versus the people who are transformed by the amount of commitment they have been putting into helping the kids. A narcissist can rarely feel the effects of transformations because they are too focused on from what they gain, not from what they can give.

Naturally, of course, it isn’t always obvious where our own intention lies (even for me) but generosity can only come from a set of positive attitudes we first possess, like gratitude and awe. In the beginning, doing good feels easy but somewhere along the line, the burden gets heavier and it somewhat turns into frustrations, anxieties, and probably fatigue. There lies the U-Turn sign because you no longer feel pleased.  The choice to go ahead can only happen if you can focus on the receivers and not just the happy feelings you get.

How do you go on then, when you are caught in a state of negativities? The answer is so clichéd but works better than the Internet – gratitude practice. In that process alone, you are actually upgraded with understandings and wisdom – that is the transformation I meant; the growth of your heart space and a sense of awareness, from the prices that you are willing to pay.

Of course, not everyone is immediately transformed, or even see the point of it. Whether you are simply pleased or transformed, you did do good and the impact is always there, but while we’re in it, I hope to offer you another perspective; instead of focusing on that temporary feeling of being pleased, you could perhaps experience the joy of transformation, where it is more permanent – and that doing good ultimately benefits not only the receiver but also the giver.

Will doing good be good for your soul (and others) or your IG stories? You choose and I am good with both.


Co-Founder of Inspiration Factory Foundation

Jenny Tjoa is the co-founder of the Inspiration Factory Foundation – a foundation, which focuses on developing the self-esteem of underprivileged children. Her passion for volunteering and social work came about after her volunteering visit in a slum of Jembatan Tiga, Pluit (now, our pilot location) in 2013. After her conversation with a 12-year-old girl who didn’t have any dream for her future, kak Jenny realized the importance of hope, not just for children but for everyone. During these past seven years contributing to the greater good, she believes in always serving not only the children but also everyone connected with Inspiration Factory Foundation. This value is embodied in how she leads the team, how our interactive and easy to follow teaching modules are crafted, volunteering activities that as much as possible cater the need of others, and how she always be the first one who asks, “How can I help you?” to our team members and partners.

It sure is not an easy decision to put others first instead of ourselves, but it is, however; what gives us the goodness of doing good. That is also one of the reasons kak Jenny’s article is worth your time to read and ponder. Who knows you may as well be inspired to do good?

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