How To Connect Your CSR Projects With SDGs?

Jan 21, 2021 | by Yosy Christy Natalia

How To Connect Your CSR Programs With SDGs

If you have read most of the articles on this page, you might have found plenty of references to SDGs and CSR. While these might seem like two separate entities, it is often better to integrate the two to ensure that they work as one and your organizational goals can map with macro-level goals. The need and importance of this are reflected in the replacement of the term ‘CSR programs’ with ‘Sustainability programs’ by various international companies.

In the following article, we will look at ways that you can connect your CSR projects with SDGs. Once you have managed to make the connection, it will be much easier to track both of them and you will see your company’s contribution to SDGs. Here are the top methods of connecting your CSR projects with SDG to further your organization goals:

1. Set Up CSR For SDG

Instead of setting up the CSR projects on their own, it can be better to integrate the two. Your CSR programs should be designed to specifically work towards sustainable development goals fitting the realm of your CSR projects. Setting up these goals from the beginning will ensure that you can have a broader and long-term vision for your CSR goals over the years.

2. Constantly Measure Your CSR Progress

One of the small things that can yield a lot of results is to constantly monitor your CSR projects. You will need to track the results and the input from your side. The collected data should show what & how much you are contributing to the SDGs and which SDG specifically. This will allow you to also build a stronger narrative for your CSR projects.

Find out how you can connect your projects to SDGs and measure your impact.

3. Make Sure You Understand SDGs

While you might have a basic concept of what an SDG is, you must understand the full concept. The United Nations have preached sustainability for years and you need to understand the UN SDGs. Once you have a basic understanding of these goals, it is easier to align your organization’s goals to these SDGs and refine them for yourself. Each goal has certain sub-goals and indicators that will help you measure the progress and impact.

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Understanding the sub-goals, indicators & metrics, and impact measurement can take some time and practice. There are enough resources available online to help you grasp these concepts and also tools to help you practice them.

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