Build A Sustainable Business—With CSR & ESG

Nov 20, 2020 | by Aliyyaa

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What Is ESG?

Building a sustainable business is all about having people on your side and allowing your business to grow over the long term. Corporate Social Responsibility is one way of going about things and making sure that your business is sustainable. However, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Government) are three categories that businesses need to focus on to ensure sustainability.

We have decided to look at ESG and CSR to find out how businesses can integrate all of these aspects to improve their sustainability. Once a business masters these projects or programs, they will have much more support and it could help to grow the business while keeping it sustainable for businesses over the long term.

While ESG can sound similar to CSR, it is a much broader spectrum that is targeted. It focuses on the environmental, social, and government aspects of your organization to ensure that your core business & the way you run it makes a positive effect on these three factors, like saving water each year can contribute to ESG while saving you funds. On the other hand, CSR could be unrelated social projects run by companies internally or funded externally. It does not need to project that cost you money, but something Building a Sustainable Business

To ensure your business is sustainable, it is important to consider all of these aspects. CSR is a small part of the job, but ESG can make a big difference when you apply it correctly. The following tips will help you incorporate ESG and CSR to ensure that you build a sustainable brand and improve the longevity of your business:

  • Improved Competitive Advantage For Stakeholders

Stakeholders are not only there to fund your business, but they also want some value for their money. Newmarket models are being developed to drive the stakeholder aspect of any organization and make sure that stakeholders have more predictable economic activity. This forms part of ESG to ensure more sustainable funding sources.

  • Paying Attention To The Environment

As part of ESG, you will want to take the environment into account. Water and electricity are two of the basic needs of every individual and company. However, there are ways that you can save on these basic needs. By saving water and using sustainable forms of electricity, it could save you money and create a greener environment. In addition, if your core business directly affects the environment in some ways, then shifting to more greener practices will ensure that your organization’s carbon footprint can be reduced. 

  • Up-To-Taxes

Taxes form part of the governmental responsibility we all have. As a sustainable company, you would want the government on your side, and having paid taxes that are up to date is one way to go about it. 

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  • Business-To-Business Support

Each year many new businesses are trying to make it in the world. However, many of them fail due to competition or lack of support. As part of your CSR, you want the economy to grow, which means that you can design projects to help support these businesses. Once a business has grown, you have a lot of support from the new followers and publicity they get.

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  • Focus On Making An Impact

As a form of CSR activities, nothing could be better than running a project, which makes an impact in the world or the local community. It is important to do some stakeholder research to understand the problems and the root of the problems that you are trying to solve, and then design your project. Finally, it is very important to measure the impact you create, so you can know the real success of your projects. While impact washing has become an unfortunate trend, using proper impact measurement frameworks can allow your organization to stand out. 

  • Release ESG As Part Of Your Yearly Revenue

It might sound like you are bragging about your impact on the community, but ESG can make a business attractive to new investors. If an investor sees that they can make some money, while contributing to the environment, it seems like a much better investment. ESG programs are a great way to reduce your expenditure and tax each year. 

  • Actively Focus On Marketing These Successes

While not every project will lead to success, you will have a couple of them that are successful. Much like you want to wipe away your failures, you need to bring the successes into the public eye. Once people notice your business, you can see additional support and improve your position in the community. Having a strong stance in the community can lead to long-term sustainability.


It is important that every business focuses on sustainability and supports the community or the public. CSR and ESG are two effective methods that will guide your efforts, generate support and keep the business alive.
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