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Mar 4, 2022 | by Yosy Christy Natalia

CSR reporting software – sustainability reporting software

Sustainability Reporting Software. The significance of CSR or impact reporting comes into play when an organization seeks to gauge the effectiveness of its initiatives. How will the stakeholders know whether an organization’s impact vision reached fruition or fell short of its agenda? How did it benefit the community, stakeholders, and society at large? CSR or sustainability reporting is the answer.

CSR reporting can be a tedious job and there are plenty of effective tools and software in the market that can help organizations cut the slack and headache of taking up the task from scratch. 

In this blog, we shall talk about some of the top CSR/impact reporting software and tools that impact organizations can use. You can also check out our blogs on the benefits of CSR reporting and how to write an effective CSR report

Best Sustainability Reporting Software: Artemis Impact

The Artemis Impact Platform is a one-stop solution to all things tied to impact creation. Not only can it help leaders measure their impact and report it ethically and effectively but also aid in furthering their impact journey, growth, and prospects. 

Effective project management, impact visualization, data collection with online/offline tools, real-time data analysis & reporting. The platform also plans to launch a wide range of indicators from globally accepted frameworks like GRI, SDG, etc. 


The Artemis Impact Platform has 4 main features to visualize your impact theory and easily measure the impact you create. They are:

Project Management

This project management feature allows you to organize all your project information in one place & connect your project to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Impact Visualization

Visually create your Impact Strategy—easily implement your impact strategy & have a clear overview of your impact strategy at all times

Data Collection

Create multiple surveys & share them with your team easily to streamline your data collection process. Save time & resources needed to measure the impact

Data Analytics

Our analytics dashboard allows you to visualize your data in a way that can easily help you answer important questions like how much and what impact is created, is your project on track to achieve its outcome goals, & more.


Let’s look at the advantages of the Artemis Impact Platform by comparing it to the results of a manual impact measurement approach. Of course, it will take a long time, there will be a lack of precision, and data returns will be delayed, and the only cost increase we can perceive is in terms of human resources.

These issues can be overcome by using Artemis Impact Platform, which is an all-in-one low-cost and high-value platform that combines a web and mobile application to allow businesses to easily monitor, manage, and maximize their impact. You can also gain the following advantages:

Capture the impact you create

A few simple steps can help you streamline your data collection, visualize the impact all your projects create, and understand how your projects are helping the world. 

Share evidence-based story

Go a step further in your storytelling & reporting—share what your projects achieved rather than just the activities or output created, all backed by data collected on the ground. Build trust with all your stakeholders.

Grow your impact

Visualize your impact project strategy and indicator data to draw relevant insights, make informed decisions & improve your project strategy to deliver more impact for your stakeholders.

To learn more about impact investing, leading an impact project, and impact creation and measurement, refer to our blogs. Also, do not forget to check out our Artemis Impact platform, tailor-made for all impact leaders and creators to measure impact.

Create a more lasting impact with your CSR efforts & share evidence-based stories. Schedule a call back to know how.

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Artemis Impact is an impact service & technology provider with the aim to create an ecosystem that allows impact makers to #DoGoodBetter

What is Artemis Impact?

We specialize in empowering companies to build a stronger corporate reputation by enabling human-centric Social Impact Stories that are rooted in analytics, transparency, and authenticity.

Artemis leading Southeast Asia’s impact creation, tackling pressing challenges

We know today’s average customer cares about sustainability and we enable our clients with real-time, bottom-up, evidence-based analytics that allow them to Tell the Right, human-focused stories about their brands and build long-term trust consistently with consumers.

We use a combination of consultancy services & technology to deliver our solution to our clients. Get in touch with our experts.

Artemis Impact is an impact service & technology provider with the aim to create an ecosystem that allows impact makers to #DoGoodBetter

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