Artemis 1.0 App—Save Time & Effort In Impact Measurement, and M&E

Oct 14, 2020 | by user

Introducing Artemis 1.0 App: Impact measurement tool

Do you manage a social impact project? 

Then you know how important it is to have the right data, at the right time. Nothing is more important for your donors & stakeholders, then knowing the number of beneficiaries touched & the impact created for them. After all, that’s the reason they donated. Collecting data is vital for ‘Impact Measurement’ & the most basic ‘Monitoring & Evaluation’. Even if your organization does not engage in detailed impact measurement & management, every organization records the basic beneficiary data. 

Most likely, you have also faced some challenges during your data collection process.

A social impact project based in Indonesia collected beneficiary/stakeholder data from over 30,000 beneficiaries on paper forms, then spent dozens of hours to add that data into an excel sheet and compile the data. The process was not just cumbersome, but also not reliable. After all, anyone can easily add in wrong data from paper forms to excel sheets.  

According to our research with more than 500 organizations and donors, data collection process through traditional processes: 

  • Can be time-consuming & expensive
  • Leads to wastage or resources
  • Is complicated
  • Is non-reliable

To solve these challenges, we are excited to announce the launch of Artemis 1.0 app—a user-friendly & reliable app, specially designed for social projects like yours—to streamline the process of data collection, compilation, and visualization for your team—so you can draw rich insights & share the impact you create. 

Less Time, Less Money, More Impact.

artemis impact app overview page

User Friendly

Artemis 1.0 App is a user-friendly tool designed with a focus on the needs of people on the ground. It is easy-to-use for people with all levels of digital literacy.

The data collectors can choose to either access the survey via a mobile app or simply via a link. 

Saves You Time & Resources

Our free to use Artemis 1.0 App saves you time & money on Impact Measurement. No need for multiple tools like paper forms, excel sheets, or overly expensive software. One tool to streamline your Impact Measurement endeavors.


As soon as your team fills in the survey, the data will be available on your app to view and download. Enjoy complete freedom to use it the way you would like. 

Using the app is simple and it allows you full freedom to create multiple projects and surveys to capture the real picture.

The key features of the Artemis 1.0 App will allow you to:  

  • Create projects

Artemis 1.0 App app manage projects

  • Create surveys

Artemis 1.0 App create surveys

  • Collect data

collect data artemis impact app

  • Visualize or extract data, as needed

Artemis 1.0 App visualise data

  • Reduce your stress levels 🙂

Artemis 1.0 Appapp monitoring and evaluation


There are two versions of the app available: 

  • Organizer version on the web: for NGO organizers, CSR heads, or anyone who wants to measure the impact or monitor & evaluate their projects.
  • Data Collector App on mobile: Available on both Android and Apple (IOS), the mobile app is for actors who will collect the data on the ground. However, the data collectors have the option to simply use the survey link to fill in the data as well. (Release date: 19 October 2020)

Both apps are available for free. 

Create your free account today. Sign up here!

Continue being the impact!

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