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Oct 8, 2020 | by Irvandias Sanjaya

Yayasan Rumah Rachel (YRR) or commonly known as Rachel House is a non-profit entity that provides free palliative home care to children with cancer and HIV AIDS.

I believe there is no greater suffering for a parent than to witness the death of her child. At Rachel House, our team journeys alongside the children and their families to provide soothing balm to the pain, whether physical, emotional, social, economics or spiritual.  As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child”. It definitely takes a community to care for a child living with life-threatening illnesses. – Lynna Chandra 

Mainly, for those who come from marginalized backgrounds. Rachel House’s main belief is that no children should live or die in pain. This belief is the driving force behind the palliative care services they provide to the children with life-limiting diseases and who come from marginalized sections of the society. 

Where’s Rachel House based?

Their main office is located in West Jakarta. Through their programs, they provide palliative care services in DKI Jakarta, Bekasi, Tangerang, and Depok. Rachel House has managed to touch the lives of almost 10,000 people consisting of women & children. 

What genre do they focus on?

Since their inception, they provide a safe space for children living life-limiting illnesses from marginalised section of the society. Rachel House started with the first inpatient children’s hospice in Indonesia with 3 beds. Over time, the team realised that children preferred to return to their homes to be close to their family and friends. As they realized this, Rachel House changed the way they function and started sending nurses to kids’ homes instead. 14 years running, now, Rachel House is a home-based palliative care for children NGO in Jakarta.

Why do they focus on Palliative Care for Children?

According to the data, only 1% of children with serious diseases have access to palliative care. Estimated data states that there are nearly 700,000 children in Indonesia with life-limiting diseases, of which 86% do not receive palliative care. This is reinforced by what President of Indonesia Jokowi said about the many victims who died and did not have access to healthcare at home (in Jakarta). That’s one of the main reasons, Rachel House is committed to building a palliative care ecosystem to help ensure that pain and symptom management is available and accessible to all—from primary to tertiary health care settings.

What kind of programs do they run?

They have 4 main programs:

  1. Home-based palliative care, where Rachel House provides palliative care for children living with serious and deadly illnesses—such as cancer and HIV AIDS—for marginalized communities in Jakarta and cities around Bekasi, Depok, and Tangerang.
  2. CNPC—Community Network in palliative care is a program that combines the strengths of public health workers and Puskesmas health workers—women, youth groups, doctors, and nurses are trained in basic palliative care skills. 
  3. Training & Education—Rachel House offers quality education programs, practical training, and mentoring for health professionals in a variety of patient care settings.
  4. The Living Wall is an initiative to increase engagement with a wider community of people and raise awareness of the plight of children living with serious illnesses and need for end-of-life care. They work with schools, universities and reach out to a wider community.

Is Rachel House an NGO?

They are registered as an NGO in Indonesia.

When was the Rachel House established?

Rachel House was founded in 2006.

Can you volunteer with them?

Yes, they offer opportunities for each of us to be actively involved as volunteers—especially as graphic-designers, medical support, and translators. Details can be found in more detail on their website.

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