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Oct 28, 2020 | by Irvandias Sanjaya

Oct 28, 2020 | by

Bully.id Indonesia is a platform that provides a safe space for victims of bullying and cyberbullying. They provide information like what steps victims can take—starting from identification, guidance, connecting with support systems and professionals, and encouraging reporting of all forms of violation activity. During the pandemic, Bully.id started  COVIDCare to help with an increase in issues related to mental health as a result of the pandemic.

  • Where’s Bully.id based?

They are in Jakarta, Indonesia

  • What genre do they focus on?

Bully.id’s main focus is the issue of online bullying, which consists of several sub-focuses including—self-harm, suicide, violent content, unwanted sexual approaches, pornographic content, threats, imitation, and bullying.

  • Why do they focus on bullying?

Cases of virtual bullying/cyberbullying in Indonesia are getting reported more and more in the media and around us. The importance of mental health factors that are often overlooked has several negative effects on society. Issues related to depression, anxiety, and suicides often appear on the news screen. They have been exacerbated by the pandemic conditions caused by COVID-19, making people more vulnerable to violence—both domestic and virtual. Also, due to pandemic situations, people are not able to seek offline professional help. 

  • What kind of programs does Bully.id run?

There are 3 programs carried out by Bully.id. 

    • First, provide free emotional & legal support to victims of cyberbullying in Indonesia. 
    • Second, chat directly with experts, where Bullyid provides free online counseling with experts consisting of psychologists and lawyers. 
    • Third, the revenge porn support center, where Bullyid supports adults (aged 18+) who experience abuse of intimate relationship documentation (revenge porn).
  • Is it an NGO?

Bully.id is part of a foundation officially registered in Indonesia

  • Can you volunteer with Bully.id?

They provide an opportunity to join as a volunteer in their ‘Mental Health Support and Legal Knowledge Volunteer Program’ for students and graduates majoring in Psychology and Law. There are a few criteria which can be read on their website

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