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Aug 27, 2020 | by Irvandias Sanjaya

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About 1000 Days Fund

1000 Days Fund is an NGO working to solve the issue of stunting in Indonesia. They have been working with experts, governments & local NGOs to increase awareness among parents & community nurses living in villages facing the issue of stunting. They work in villages across 16 provinces in Indonesia. Their main focus is building capacity & empowering the health system of these villages. The prevalence of stunting in young kids in Indonesia is quite high. Just in eastern Indonesia, specifically in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), almost 43% of children under five are stunted. 

The main goal of the 1000 Days Fund is to end the stunting problem in Indonesia by 2030.

Where is the 1000 Days Fund based?

They are headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. Their main implementation program run predominantly in eastern Indonesia.

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What Genre does the 1000 Days Fund focus on?

Their main focus is on health issues with a special focus on the issue of stunting. They are working towards the Sustainable Development Goal no. 3 – Good Health & Well Being. 

Why do they focus on stunting issues?

[bctt tweet=”1 in 3 Indonesian children under the age of five is stunted. Stunting robs young children of their full potential. Stunted children performed worse on average in school than their non-stunted peers, they are more likely to be unemployed as adults and are at higher risk for diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.” username=”artemis_impact”] They are vulnerable to being trapped in an intergenerational cycle of poverty. This is unfair because stunting is completely preventable.

The issue of stunting is exacerbated by the lack of knowledge in the community regarding stunting. Therefore, the 1000 Days Fund focuses on increasing understanding of the factors that affect stunting & the first 1000 days of care. Increased knowledge and awareness about stunting specifically among mothers, midwives, Kader-Kader (community nurses), and high-ranking officials in village, sub-district & district governments can considerably help in solving this issue. 

What kind of programs do they run?

They run two main programs; the first program entails training sessions for Kader-Kader (community nurses) and midwives on issues of stunting & preventive methods. This training is then extended to the community (parents) who have children under two years. Secondly, the 1000 Days Fund distributes Height Charts as tools to help parents see their child’s growth and development according to normal development. Their work and studies have shown that access to height charts helped reduce the cases of stunting among kids. 

Is 1000 Days Fund an NGO?

They are registered as an NGO in Indonesia.

When was it established?

Officially, they were founded in 2018

How can you contribute?

They are open to opportunities for everyone to contribute. To carry out the mission of goodness through the programs they run, especially  NGOs/local community partners who have the resources to assist them in running the program as a partner. As an individual, you can also donate to the 1000 Days Fund via their website. Every small contribution matters. Please check the 1000 Days Fund page to learn more.

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