5 Types of Internal CSR Programs Run By Companies

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What different types of CSR programs can you run with your company?

Regardless of your organization, Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the main concepts that should be floating around. Each company needs to give back to the community in some form or another, which means you need to take the concept of CSR seriously. These programs will not only help the local community but also draw more attention to your business.

There are tons of CSR programs and ideas floating around and by assembling a team, you are bound to come up with a couple of the most effective. However, this article should make it much easier for you to find the right program. In the following article, we will have a closer look at some of the very best CSR programs.

Top 5 CSR Programs From Companies

One of the best ways to find the right CSR approach is to have a look at companies that have already implemented a few of them. We have done some of that research for you and you might be able to use these as inspiration for your CSR projects. Here are a few of the most common options one can consider for a business.

  • Fundraising When Buying

One of the most common programs you will find is fundraising programs. These programs aim to have the consumer help raising funds for a specific cause. When an individual buys a certain product, a certain percentage of the proceeds will be donated to a specific cause, which means that no one actually loses funds.

One of the biggest samples is that you will notice that when buying animal food products, a small percentage of the funds are donated to some of the animal shelters around town. This can help the company sell more products while helping NGOs to fund some of their projects.

  • Targeting Poverty Locations

When looking at one of the biggest furniture Giants, we cannot skip IKEA. IKEA has many great projects including one fundraising program that is dedicated to providing sustainable electricity to areas in East Africa and the Middle East. The CSR project also serves as a motivation to help individuals donate more funds.

One of the downsides to such a CSR project is the commitment that is made. The commitment needs to be adhered to, which means the organization cannot pocket any of the proceeds. You might also attract a few investors who might be interested in it.

  • Educational Programs

One of the best ways to get people out of poverty is not to give them funds, but to show them how to be sustainable. Education is one thing that the world has a major issue with and while not everyone can go to college, there are many organizations offering scholarships. These scholarships are great for creating awareness.

A local South African Company with the name MultiChoice started an initiative to send interested individuals to NASA. By entering a drawing competition, individuals can now win the competition and have an opportunity to see the NASA headquarters. This initiative can help people in poverty develop an interest and perhaps attend college.

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  • Local Sport Programs

While it is hard to pinpoint one specific company, there are many companies that have the initiative to help keep kids off the street. Sports have always been a great way for people to excel regardless of their background and with the right support, it is much easier to reach the upper tiers of the sport and reach success.

Local football games or marathons are often hosted by local businesses, which enables anyone with the ambition to excel to enter. It makes it possible for people from all backgrounds to enter the competition and once they excel, they can move up to the upper levels of sports.

  • Rehabilitation Initiatives

There are tons of rehabilitation initiatives, but many of them are by force. However, Equinox has developed a program of helping veterans be rehabilitated back into society and get used to how the world is without war. It keeps many people off the streets, while also dealing with mental and physical issues. 

This initiative does not need to stop with rehabilitating veterans. There are tons of addicts around us every day and many of these people have made one bad decision but they still have tons of ambition. If you can establish a rehabilitation initiative with the right motivation, it should be a great way to improve your community.


With these 5 initiatives, you can take your CSR programs to the next level and ensure that you get the best value from each of them. These are only 5 of the many that companies are currently running. We would love to see any of your thoughts on some of these programs that we might have missed.

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