4 Resources For NGOs to Learn More About Impact Measurement & Management

Jul 20, 2020 | by Phoebe C

Impact Measurement & Management, there is so much to learn about it.

The field is relatively new & it is continuously evolving. It can be challenging to keep up with everything new that comes up. There are different frameworks, different indicators, metrics, and so on. To make your job easier, we have put together a list of websites where you can find the best resources to learn more about IMM. 

Resources for NGOs to learn more about Impact Measurement & Management

1. The GIIN

The Global Impact Investing Network is one of the pioneers in the field of IMM. They are dedicated to increasing the scale and effectiveness of impact investing all over the world. They have a great library of resources available if you would like to learn more about anything related to impact measurement. GIIN also offers IRIS+ as a free to use public good for furthering your impact measurement. 

Language available: English

Key Focus: Impact investing, IRIS+ 

2. Impact Management Project

IMP describes itself as a “global forum to build consensus on how to build & measure impacts”. On their website, you will find various webinars, podcasts, articles with topics related to Impact measurement and management. IMP is the network that also defined the 5 dimensions of impact measurement, which is a really useful concept while measuring impact. 

Languages available: Mostly English, with some articles in languages like Mandarin, Germany, etc. 

Key Focus: 5 dimensions of Impact, Impact Norms

3. Social Value International 

SVI is a global network with members in over 45 countries. As a network, their main goal is to “change the way the society accounts for value.” On their website, you will find a social value library with articles & case studies, information about their webinars, social value self-assessment tool & more. They also host an annual conference with industry experts from all over the world to share their knowledge and expertise. The conference is available in different languages and this year will be held online. The early tickets are already out for this year’s conference. 

Languages available: Multiple

Key Focus: Impact measurement guidelines, DBB for indicators. 

4. Artemis Impact

Artemis Impact helps organizations to deliver sustainable impact using 3 pillars of services: Outcome-based funding, Advisory Services, Impact Measurement app. You will find multiple blogs, podcasts (in Bahasa) covering a wide range of topics from Impact measurement to Theory of Change to Case Studies to interviews with experts to social topics. It's one of the first resources available in Bahasa Indonesia & customized for an Indonesian audience. You will also find webinars in Bahasa & English to gain practical knowledge about Impact Measurement. Click To Tweet

Languages available: English & Bahasa. 

Key Focus: Impact Measurement, Theory of Change, Outcome-based funding. 

If there is any other resource that you think should be added here, then let us know in comments or via email: contact@artemis.im

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