10 Tech-Related Grants For NGOs

Mar 30, 2021 | by Yosy Christy Natalia

10 Technology Grants For Nonprofits

Nowadays, having a tech advantage can be very beneficial for any organization. However, many tools available are also really expensive, so you will need to look for some of the technology grants for nonprofits that can help you get access to the tech tools at a reduced cost (if not completely free). Using technology can make the world smaller and allow your organization to improve and expand much faster by tapping into these grants.

There are many tech grants or tech features that NGOs can use to improve and expand their organizations. However, many people are not sure where to find some of these grants. In the following article, we will list the grants available for nonprofits

Google For Nonprofits – Technology Grant for Nonprofits

Website: Google.com/nonprofits

Google is one of the largest organizations in the world and they have various tech programs that work for nonprofit organizations. These include access to the Google Ad Grants and Google App Suite. There are many more features, including access to YouTube features. The grants are easily accessible and many organizations have tapped into this.


Website: Twilio.org  

Twilio is a messaging platform and they have designed many grants that will offer a large discount to nonprofit organizations when using the SMS and messaging systems. Twilio has an annual fund that helps to fund the ideas from nonprofit organizations. Additionally, 1% of annual earnings are also used to improve social impact.


Website: coachingcorps.box.org

Box.org is one of the leading options for those that need to tap into grants. They have free content and cloud management programs. Additionally, they will offer coaching that will help nonprofits get started and expand. You can listen to their podcast to get some valuable tips and find out how to use these grants.

Mozilla Foundation

Website: Foundation.Mozilla.org

The Mozilla Foundation is born from the Mozilla Firefox Browser and they have annual grants that target work and open up applications you might find useful. The Mozilla Foundation focuses on open internet initiatives and they make it possible for organizations to tap into connectivity to expand their overall reach.


Website: Salesforce.org/Philanthropic-Programs

Salesforce.org is one of the driving forces that shows organizations how they can give back to the community and other NGOs. They have a volunteer program that will help design databases, which can be used by your NGO. It will ensure that you have a deeper reach and even access to a different or bigger target market.

LYFT Social Impact

Website: Lyft.com

LYFT is one of the biggest ride-sharing companies in the world and they have numerous projects that make it possible to help NGOs. There are numerous programs, which include free rides for people impacted by disasters or voters. The roundup program is designed to help individuals roundup changes that can be used to help nonprofits.


Website: TechSoup.org

Techsoup is a nonprofit organization in its own right. However, the organization is designed to help give training for hardware and software use. In many cases, the training provided can be accessed for free, but you will get a discounted price. Techsoup can help you understand various tools to make your life easier as a nonprofit.


Website: https://org.amazon.com/

Amazon.com is one of the biggest organizations in the world. The company offers an affiliate program that does not cost you anything. The program allows you to market products that are available on Amazon. As these products sell, you and or the organization will receive a certain percentage of the overall price.

Facebook For Nonprofits

Website: https://web.facebook.com/ 

Facebook is the biggest communication application in the world and it gives you a world of people to connect with. Facebook has a fundraising program that enables almost anyone to donate and contribute in some form or another. Additionally, you can use Facebook for spreading the word of your organization.

Bonus: Knight Foundation

Website: https://knightfoundation.org/ 

The Knight Foundation is one of the biggest foundations that fund tech programs. They try to fund a large portion of the price, which means you can get the programs for an affordable price. Additionally, the organization has a mission to help other organizations and to improve the world of nonprofits.


It can be hard to start your nonprofit and when you enter the tech world, the prices can be very expensive. Any tech investment will yield some value. However, you must look for bargains. The above-mentioned organizations and grants will make life easier for your NGO to get started.

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