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We all live inside an interconnected network in need of positive, socially connected changes that achieve measurable results. Artemis was founded to help NGOs, Donors & CSR programs connect & create change with our impact-driven focus!

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Outcome-Based Funding

Find & Fund Projects


For our corporate and donors partners, our services can provide the focused precision in locating & connecting impact projects to fund, according to your needs. Along with the assurance of receiving transparent and measurable, data-driven results for you & your stakeholders. We cater
to projects in all stages: Pre-funding, already funded. 

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Corporate Advisory Services

Create more impact with your CSR projects


The need for having a CSR program, which creates value is an absolute necessity in the corporate & private sector spheres. We help you assess your current CSR programs & identify new projects worth funding or developing, which will achieve the targeted results, create a sustainable impact supported with transparent, data-driven reports & meet your boards requirements. 

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Impact Measurement App

Measure & Show Impact


Now more than ever, NGOs need to maintain the convenient ability to track, record, measure, and access all necessary data, to show your team’s impact. Meet the requirements of most international & Artemis donors by measuring & showing the impact created with Artemis’ proprietary Impact Measurement technology.

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Artemis Impact has really helped Isbanban to measure the impact and results of the volunteer activities that we do every week in 7 target villages. We can monitor volunteer activities e.g. those who are present, in real time. And from this data we can give prizes to the most active volunteers by looking at volunteer hours and accepting invitations. thank you Artemis !

Panji Aziz


In my opinion Artemis is a very effective & efficient solution nowadays for millennial volunteers who have switched to digital native

Hanif Tri Wijayanto

Teras Cerdas

Artemis is very helpful in making volunteering activities happen internally. We can monitor the duration of volunteering for each employee of The Body Shop. As each employee of The Body Shop needs to volunteer for 8 hours a year. And in the future, it is expected that Artemis will also help make it easier in implementing, monitoring and reporting the volunteering activities of The Body Shop store employees in 42 cities in Indonesia. “

Dita Agustia

The Body Shop

With Artemis application, activities carried out on campus are easier to control and able to clearly see the desired output. And the presence of Artemis was very helpful among the event’s organizing committee. It really helped us in terms of documentation and data collection of the activities carried out.

Albert Setiawan

Atma Jaya

Volunteering isn’t about how my expertise could benefit the environment, it’s more about how volunteering teaches me to be a responsible person

Irvandias Sanjaya

Artemis Impact

Volunteering makes me feel human. Because I feel like I am not a human, if I don’t care.

Kintan Putri

I feel, volunteering is a two-way street. I am not giving something, but also receiving a lot in return

Brigita Natasha

Artemis Impact

Volunteering is not easy, it can make some feel uncomfortable as you have to put yourself out there, but when you’re actually doing it, volunteering feels right and at the end of the day you can be happy that at least you made someone else’s day better


Artemis Impact

Volunteering is a way to give thanks for the blessings given by ALLAH S.W.T, a source of happiness in life

Aisha Kemala

Benefit for others is our obligation as social beings and is a form of our gratitude to God for our current situation. In addition, by doing volunteering activities we can broaden our perspective on others.


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Theory of Change

Helping to create positive social change requires sustained focus and clear organizational infrastructure, and at Artemis, we believe that our positive impact is best served through an outcome-based, results-oriented structured framework. Employing the UN-used Theory of Change model, at Artemis we effectively leverage our proprietary technology to link, track, record, collect, measure, and ultimately provide the measurable results which can both facilitate a meaningful positive social impact, and produce data-driven, transparent results that facilitate a sustainable business model for stakeholders.

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